Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Strewsday Tuesday: It Does Not Take Much

Joining Faith in posting for........

I am going through my little man's books and resources from last year.....looking at what was barely touched.  :/

Visualize books and resources all over the living room floor..........well, this picture was taken after I had to clean it up real quick.....

That was last night.

This morning, he must have awakened, gone into the living room.....seen his paint-by-numbers (advanced set) and got inspired.

I slept in............and by the time I arrived to the kitchen, I found him set up and painting. He had the proper set-up......old tablecloth, water, nice brushes and paper towels......(I did not realize till the next day that he was painting in a new shirt.  Don't ten year old boys get that???)

I love how this kid takes to the strewing that goes on around here......both the purposeful and the unintentional.  Either way......so happy to see him painting again.  He is my favorite little artist.

It is a great "start" to the school year we have not started yet.......nor are ready to start yet.......




  1. How wonderful! Moments like these, when a child just runs with something that has been strewed are so life and even motherhood-affirming! Lovely!

    1. For being the last kid in the line of six homeschoolers....he is the best of responding to my strewing. I love that about him!

  2. I have a whole room "strewn" with painting supplies right now :) I have a week left on this commission, till I have to start cleaning everything up. I miss painting with Malachy! Watching other people paint is my chief motivation when I'm "stuck" on my own work. I just posted some really neat videos by Bob Ross on my blog yesterday. They are so inspiring and uplifting.

    1. Really? seriously? only one more week??!!! Wow.....that went so fast!

      Malachy finished this painting in two days...and has started another one.

      I will get to your blog soon.....my grandfather....the one who painted those pictures around the house.....was friends with Bob Ross :)

      I used to watch Bob Ross on PBS.....even when I was sitting on the couch nursing Anne....dying to get my hands on some paint and canvas.....but, alas, I never did. I have no idea if I can paint. I only know that I want to.....I can feel it in my soul. I want to take a painting class soon...maybe with Sarah?

    2. It's never too late to start. Julia Child had no idea how to cook till her late thirties. A couple months ago I was talking to a grandmother who took up painting during retirement, after her children were grown. She followed Bob's series religiously. That is so cool that your grandfather was related to him. His paintings are worth quite a bit now.

      Learning to paint was a exhilarating for me; I highly recommend the experience. What classes is Sarah currently taking? She's at College of the Siskiyous, right?


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