Saturday, September 8, 2012

Alas! It Was Only A Short Visit!

....... But we did remember to include cookies and coffee.

.......and the four younger boys picked up their conversations where they left off on the last visit.

Paddy, 9 and Malachy, 10, play Battleship
Garrett, 15, and Keiron, 16, making future plans
Aidan, 13, a break from peeking at the new kittens
Willa and her family blew into town....the smoke blew in as well.
Then the smoke blew out of town, taking Willa and her family away, too.
It was quite a teaser of a visit. 
 Almost seems like it was a dream. 
Were they really here???
A smoky sunset
            Chari & Willa
In explanation and for memory's sake.......Willa and her family were on their way north.......her husband and ninteen year old son attended the football game at our local junior college....and my nineteen year old daughter joined them.  That gave Willa and I and the younger five some time to visit.  Willa and I took a ride together, stopping for cloud pictures......they were fascinating today!


  1. How far do you live from each other? The importance of getting together.
    Nice sunset.

    1. Edgar......when I drive to Willa's, it takes m at least nine hours. When she drives to my takes her 7.5 hours.

      I drive five over the speed limit. She is not a speedster that I have noticed. It just goes like that.

      It is too far away.

      There have been times when we have not seen each other for over a year or so......but in the last year or so, since her family has more interest in a spot in Oregon, about 4.5 hours north of my home, I have benefitted from being on the way. Lucky me.

      My kids are hopeful that maybe one of her sons will attend school near us......then we would get more of her......and them. :) And, especially him. ;)


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