Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Novena to St Therese of the Child Jesus

If you wanted to start a novena to the Little Flower, St Therese of Lisieux, it is not too late to begin today.   St Therese's feast day was October 3 in the old calendar.   If you start today, you can finish the novena on that day. 

I was born on her feast day (back in the early 60's), though I did not know it until after I became a Catholic.   But I have often wondered if she was praying for me, in her missionary spirit, while I was on my road to conversion. 

Aidan received his transplant 13 years ago on her new feast day, October 1.  By that time she was a family favorite saint.   Many, many novenas to her had been said for him, by people all over the world, and by enclosed nuns in the Carmelite monastery in San Francisco.    

She is the patron of our diocese, and Kevin and I were married at her local shrine.   Later, my first and my fifth child were baptized there. 

For all these reasons and more, I ask her help often, though not as often as I should when I remember how many favors she has given us. 

I'm invoking her aid particularly this year for some private intentions.    I will add the intentions of those reading this to my own.

I am going to say this one

I am reading a book called Maurice and Therese which I heard about from Marie.   I read it for just a few minutes before lunch so it is slow going, but all the better.

I have also been reading these Counsels and Reminiscences.   Again, slowly, in bits and pieces of time. 

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  1. I have been praying a novena to the Little Flower already. I also just picked up a small book of her quotes to read and savor......she must be on both of our minds.....


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