Friday, January 11, 2013

Apostles Creed Notebook Pages

I spent quite a long time trying to put these Apostles' Creed pages together.  I am not sure why it was so hard -- I suppose because there were a lot of loose cards involved.  Finally it all pulled together, though the pages are awkwardly bulky.   Still, it's all holding together and if we do all the elements the child will definitely know his Apostles' Creed. 

Page 1:  

A long pocket (left).   This site has some pocket templates.  I just made my own. 
A quilt or envelope fold.   This site shows how
Some gold letter stickers I had. 

Inside the pocket are these "Put the statements in the correct order" pieces from ThatREsourceSite.
I backed them with red cardstock and also put clear contact paper on top to make them more durable.

The envelope/quilt contains a printable of the Apostles Creed which comes from Catholic Faith Education.  Scroll down towards the bottom to find the printable.

On the triangles of the envelope I put little mini-books.    Some have the answers already written, while others have blank spaces to write down answers in future.   On the top it asks: "Who were the apostles?" On the right it asks:  "What does 'creed' mean?"  On the right it asks:  "Is the Apostles' Creed a prayer?"  On the bottom it asks the catechism question from Lesson 1:

6. Where do we find the chief truths taught by Jesus Christ through the Catholic Church?
We find the chief truths taught by Jesus Christ through the Catholic Church in the Apostles' Creed.
Then it asks what the Apostles' Creed is, and answers from the ST Joseph Baltimore Catechism that the Apostles' Creed is a summary of what Jesus taught the apostles.

Page 2:

Top:  A file folder game which I found at Catholic Toolbox.   I stuck it into a file folder which I folded in half lengthwise.  Bulky but it fits. 

Bottom of the page:  This Apostles' Creed Mini Prayer Book from ThatResourceSite. 
I had to put it into two books to keep it from being impossibly thick for the page.
The cover for the second book comes from thatresourcesite prayer learning cards, half-sized.  

A view inside:  

Here is the inside of the file folder with the game.   Kieron got the color printer to work with the computer!  Below are envelopes with the quiz cards, also to be found at the link to the Catholic Toolbox post. 

Here's a look inside the envelopes.  I tried to laminate the cards with clear contact paper.  It took a LONG time but luckily at the same time Aidan was being creative with his Mario Kart printouts, making his own notebook, and he needed some assistance, so we were parallel playing, and I didn't completely waste the time. 


  1. These lapbooks are like little works of art! I am filled with admiration!

  2. That takes a lot of effort but will help in memorization.

    The creed is an affirmation of faith and can be a prayer.

  3. Love it! I am so proud of you, Willa....getting artsy in your advanced years ;)


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