Thursday, January 31, 2013

Catechism Notebook: Prayer Pages Part II

This is a continuation of this post.  

Page 3:

Fruits of Prayer, How to Pray (Scripture), Some Questions about Prayer, Who To Ask to Pray for Us

Fruits of Prayer is a layer book and the answers come from the catechism. 

The shutter book that you see above opens out into this.    It has "who to ask to pray for us" in the middle and on the sides, some questions like:  "Do the angels and saints know what is happening on earth (so they can pray for us)" and "Did Our Lord Himself pray, and why?" 

How to Pray from Bible in Pictures
It's the scripture passage about going to pray quietly in your closet.  I folded it up as a sort of accordion and glued it into the cover.

Questions about prayer.  Some of them are from the Prayer Lapbook and some of them are from the catechism.  I thought my student and I could discuss them and I could write down his answers. 

Page 4:  The Lord's Prayer

Catechism on the Lord's Prayer 
 Resources for the Lord's Prayer 

Sorry the overview is sideways!

Lord's Prayer (right towards bottom), and a couple of simple flap books with catechism questions and answers from the printable.  

The cross graphic is from here.    I just cut out the middle part and backed it with cardstock. 

One of the question flaps open to the answer:  "Jesus Christ Himself made the Lord's Prayer". 

The Lord's Prayer shutterfold opens up to the Latin version inside.

If you lift that part you get to the explanation of each line of the Lord's Prayer (from the Penny Catechism and found in the printable above). 

One of the questions opens to the answer and then another question.  I did that by making a 3/4 book.  You fold a paper twice, into quarters, and then cut out one of the quarters so you are left with three.   That gives you potentially five surfaces to write on. 

As always, with notebook pages there are always more areas where further pages could lead to.   My idea with these pages has been to work on them with my child and then work with him to make new pages depending on what direction our discussion leads to.   The pages I am making now are sort of preliminary ones covering the basics of the Faith.

Next, I am working on an overview page of the entire catechism using St Pius X's Preliminary Lesson.  Catholic Catechisms are traditionally divided into three, sometimes four main topics:  The Apostles' Creed (what we believe), Ten Commandments (how we live),  Seven Sacraments (our life of grace through God), Lord's Prayer (what we are to hope and ask for, prayer in general).     So I want to have a page that sums all that up.   

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