Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Catechism Notebook: Prayer Pages Part I

These pages turned into such a hybrid that I am afraid it will be hard to share it so that it is helpful for others.

However, I'll do my best to link to the resources I made or used.   If you have a question about something, like how I did the fold or where I got the resource, please ask in the comments and I can probably tell you what I did.

For the basic structure of the pages I used this nice free Prayer Lapbook.

It has some basic questions and answers (what is prayer, where do we pray, etc) and then a section on the Lord's Prayer as a model or pattern for prayer.  (I'm going to post that part in another post so this doesn't get too long).

The prayer lapbook is not a Catholic resource, though, so I made some modifications.   I wanted to include some of the Catholic doctrine on prayer, so I formatted some of the Baltimore Catechism questions and answers.   I didn't use everything I put here, just the ones I wanted for the present.

Here's the formatted version: 
Catechism on Prayer

You can find many of the folds I used at Homeschool Share Free Templates.

Many of them were also in the prayer lapbook. 

Page 1:

What is Prayer,  When Should We Pray, Why We Pray,  Does God Hear Our Prayers, How to Pray

Trifold book:  What is Prayer?   It uses the prayer lapbook and includes the Catechism teaching on prayer.  
Prayer is the lifting up of our minds and hearts to God.

Wheel book:  When Should we Pray?  I put some of the catechism answers like "morning and night", "in times of temptation", "at mass".   They can also be found in the printable above.

Inside view of petal book:  How to Pray, using the catechism

Inside view of another type of petal book:   Why We Pray, using the catechism

Page 2

Where to Pray, Memorized Prayers, Praying in Our Own Words, Who Should We Pray For?, How God Answers Prayers

Close-up of circle fold book:  How God answers prayers.

Triangle flap (I just made that one) of Praying in our Own Words

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