Friday, April 19, 2013

Catechism Notebook: Pages on Angels

I haven't done very much notebooking recently except the basic kind where you put your child's math and grammar papers in his folder.      Making pretty pages is fun, but time-consuming, and I've been spending my time planning and preparing for next school year. 

But I thought I would share some pictures of one of the more recent pages I did.   I am listing some resources I used, or thought might be useful but didn't actually get around to.   

 Main Teaching Resource Used:

Page 1: 

 photo EF0462D1-740E-4A1A-974F-A4E6D16793B1-11138-00000EC7EE1453D8.jpg

 photo C2906C54-3191-4D78-BCDE-3F6F40E38754-11138-00000EC800617846.jpg

Other Resources:
(I didn't like the picture so I substituted another one from Google Images)

Page 2:

 photo 8A742470-0EF8-4675-872B-8F3A40C78C0F-11138-00000EC80DE2AE03.jpg

More Information on Angels:

 photo F1DE80EA-729B-481C-8580-B6D96B34B183-11138-00000EC843A47AE4.jpg

 photo 3B8BB51F-D2EF-48BC-A6EE-AAA0115A47E0-11138-00000EC837B75D5A.jpg

 photo 28704A77-496F-48DD-9721-7885662FB4C2-11138-00000EC823FDFE2B.jpg

 photo CB5E7F68-2031-42AE-8721-D770AFD123E4-11138-00000EC81C346A7E.jpg

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