Monday, April 8, 2013

Its a Wonderful Day in the Neighborhood!


     Thanks to a friend on Facebook, I recently came across a short little article about Mister Rogers.......of Public Television Fame.....and the videos in the article were wonderful.  I want to share them with his other fans.  Are you a fan?  I was one of those kids way back when who watched Mister Rogers.  I never could stand Sesame Street.......but Mister Rogers, he was for me. :)

      The article tells a sweet anecdotal story about Mister Rogers that is definitely heartwarming........but what I enjoyed most about the article were the two videos.  If you are a fan, it will warm the cockles of your heart to watch these two short videos.

The first is a Mr. Rogers Remix. Adorable.


     The other is a video list of 35 things to know about Mister Rogers.  Did you know that he was an accomplished pianist and composer?  And that his mother knit all of his sweaters? Fun and entertaining.  Well done, Mental Floss.

     If you follow this looks like you can watch many episodes of Mister Rogers.

     At the Archive of American Television (which is a fascinating resource), you can find an interview of Mister Rogers....and lots of other fun Mister Rogers resources.

     This was a fun flashback.  Thanks for walking down this memory lane.

     Easter Blessings,


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