Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Aidan and Unschooling

This is why I could get away with not doing too much formal school with Aidan last year.

First he typed all the numbers up to 100 into Microsoft Word, and made them all different colors.   This was totally his idea -- I just walked by and saw him working. 

Work in Progress

Then I helped him print them out and cut them up.

Numbers 1-100
Then he started arranging them on a lid, but he ran out of room.
Putting them in order
At that point I got out poster board that I had ordered from Amazon earlier because he gets in poster-making moods about once a month.

He laid them all out again
Then he wanted to glue them onto the board. 
 He wanted help with the gluing because he got bored doing them all by himself. 
No pun intended.

Finished Product

He couldn't find the "30" so he drew his own. 
I wanted him to hold the poster up so I could get him in with his finished work but he outsmarted me and hid behind the poster.  LOL.

Here's a picture of my great Aidan at Thomas Aquinas College just before his sister's wedding though.   
He was very proud of his new suit. 

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