Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Monthly Musings, from the Past......

I had started a Monthly Musings posting in August of 2012.......and was continuing what I had started........until my iPhone was damaged....and became unusable.  So, temporarily I had lost my notes.....because that was where I was storing my musings. 

Luckily it was all recovered in December when I hooked up the new-to-me iPhone I was gifted by my sister.......because I had been backing up my iPhone regularly and had done it only days before I lost the use of the phone.  Phew.

Since I do not like to waste the words I write........I am going to just post them here.......for posterity's sake.

Here is how I introduced the Monthly Musings last September:

  "I am so excited. I finally figured out a good way to keep track of my random blogging thoughts and how to post them.

      I am using the " notes" section of my iPhone to jot them down and then I will post them on TUAR at the end of the month......or, like this......the beginning of the next month......or, whenever......
      Or, maybe whenever they are long enough. Either way, it is nice to have a plan. :). And, since my phone is always with me..... I can take advantage of the spontaneity of my thoughts. For my own edification, of course.  ;)

     It will be like journaling and writing one of those lengthy letters to a friend, combined in one place. I hope this idea works. So far, it does........and I have already started on the next month's Musings...."

Monthly musings:  September 2012

A couple of funny things about that Google Search in the blog stats:

Two people found their way over when searching:

"Emergency room parking lot"

And "funny woodstove cartoon"

What the heck???

And........."Husband on computer meme"

Ever since Willa posted this meme about World of Warcraft...... It has been our most popular Google search site...... Like quadruple the next most popular. Bizarre. And most amusing. I am sure that the average World Of Warcraft follower has no interest in a Literature-based blog of two Catholic homeschooling moms. :)

Our second most popular Google search topic is Willa's Printable Litany of Humility.   I guess that was very much needed. She was right about that.

And now, this present post will now get lots of hits for both those topics...... Simply because I mentioned them. :)

One high point:  a handful of people made it to our blog searching for "homeschooling older kids". Yes!  Now they will have a place to land:  the High School Carnival.


I simply have to try to figure a way to make it a priority to see my local friends who are also my dearest.

My friend Cindy and I have lots in common.....well, I think we have almost everything in common, except our political leanings. She is a hospice RN....  I help them
Into this world (labor and delivery) and she helps them out of this world.




And Patty, too!

(Seriously.......I wrote this in September 2012..........and it has definitely not improved.  At all.  I did have a lovely birthday with Shawna and one with Louise......need to work on this more!)


I found one thing to be happy about this cooling weather......brrrr......

Stash's Christmas Morning Tea!


ToƱia blessing me......

So, I am about to start my day at looks to be very busy and crazy.  My co-worker, just getting off from nightshift, comes around the corner and she blesses me with Holy Water from our little Chapel.  Such a sweet, unexpected blessing.  I LOVE having a Catholic co-worker who prayers the Rosary for me  :)  I do the same for her......


Isn't it great how a summer of no reading, either to himself or aloud can improve someone's reading?

 Love non-schooling. ;)


A terrible thing happens at our house when we run out of Kleenex.

                               We get colds.  Almost.every.time.  So predictable.

                                                        know we avoid running out.  As much as possible.


Some of these musings become long enough to become their own blog post.


Easy to impress public school teachers. Music. Dance. Straight As


Cuddling in my bed in the morning with my little man, I realize:  I may not have much of this left. Right? He is ten years old at this moment. Next month he will be eleven. Do twelve year olds still cuddle? I am pretty sure that eleven year olds are still willing. This may well be my last year.

(yes.........almost 12 year old boys still cuddle.  But I knew that.  Heck.  16 year old boys still cuddle.  Heavy, though, especially when they lay on top of you after you climb into bed.)


First ambulance ride with a patient.
Carsick ugh.

Riding in the back of an ambulance down a curvy mountain pass.  Ugh.......I was spinning for hours afterward......


I just knew it!  I knew if I posted that picture of Colin Firth, we would get Google search hits right away for his name. It only took one day. Haha.


Ah. A yearly "Fall Update" is on my mind......since Willa and I introduced our family last fall, I am thinking a quick family update each year about the same time would be nice, for memory's sake. just to update the small...... Or big......changes.

(well.....we did not do that........and oh, so, many changes since two years ago for our offspring......maybe this Fall???)


I take a bath and one by one they come in for a visit. ALL five of them. I am sure it was spontaneous, but it could have not been planned any better.  So much for peaceful and quiet.  I knew I should have locked the door......


I am such a martyr this semester. It is wearing me out.

(I have no idea what this means.........what was I thinking about????)


Wow. I almost never carry a book anymore.  Is this a modern thing?

Of course I have reading material.....just not always hardcopy out the door......


On our long way from Mass, I jokingly complained that I had not received one text in the last twelve hours (unusual considering my sisters)...... Within moments, I received two texts:

"I love you" from the eldest offspring and "Hey. I love you" from the 15 year old boy. Sweet.


Summer Blessings,



  1. Chari, this was really fun to read... like a time capsule!

    1. I guess that is really what it was....and what our blogging eventually becomes.



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