Saturday, December 28, 2013

Join the "Motherhood & Jane Austen Book Club" for 2014!

Hey, my literature-loving mom-friends!

Now here is a wonderful idea for perusing through the Jane Austen books and discussing them with other literature-loving moms.
(I hope that she does not mind that I borrowed her picture,
to advertise her most excellent idea.)

At the Gidget Goes Home blog, you can find all of the information at the post Announcing The Motherhood & Jane Austen Book Club.

Her plan is clever........and you should go check it out over at the above link......

The premise:  "Reading all six of her novels in 2014 through the lens of motherhood."

I just love this idea:  "Jane Austen’s novels are chock full of interesting mothers, mother figures, absent mothers and young women who we imagine may become mothers later. We will discuss these characters, how they affect the plot, how they make us feel as mothers, how they relate to mothers we know, and more, along with general discussion about the novels, and why we love reading them (or don’t!)."

You do need to have a Facebook account to join the ongoing discussions while reading the is the link.  And you can start reading Pride and Prejudice now or soon..........but, go to that link to see more info!

And at the end of each novel, there will be a final discussion at Google Hangout.

There is an introduction to the women who will help to moderate the discussions. They look like they could be kindred spirits.

I have already joined!  I have no definite intention of reading any of the books this year.......I have read them so many times in the last twelve years......not sure I need to read them again to discuss them. 

If YOU have not yet read all or any of them, take this opportunity to do so, even if you do not join directly into discussion.  I will probably just read along the discussion myself as I do not have enough internet time to join a book we all know from my ability to get blog posts written.  ;)

Let me know if you join......I will look for your name.  Of the almost six hundred ladies who have already joined the Facebook page......I see that I have two friends over there already.

Willa, will you join me, too?

Blessings to all on this feast of Saint John the Evangelist,



  1. Very excited about this! I gave the Well Read Mom's list a try, but left it after 3 reads...looking forward to this as an alternative!! Thank you!


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