Friday, December 20, 2013

Poetry Friday: Christmas Poetry

I have no idea who to hook up with this........I just know that lots of my favorite bloggers do this Poetry Friday thing.......if you could please direct me to the source, I would appreciate it......

The Christ Candle

By Kate Louise Brown

Little taper set tonight,

Throw afar thy tiny light

Up and down the darksome street,

Guide the tender, wandering feet

Of the darling Christ-child sweet.

He is coming in the snow,

As He came so long ago,

When the star set o’er the hill,

When the town is dark and still,

Comes to do the Father’s will.

Little taper spread thy ray,

Make His pathway light as day;

Let some door be open wide

For this guest of Christmas-tide,

Dearer than all else beside.

Little Christ-child, come to me,

Let my heart Thy shelter be;

Such a home Thou wilt not scorn.

So the bells on Christmas morn,

Glad shall ring, "A Christ is born!"

Poem taken from
One Thousand Poems for Children
by Elizabeth Hough Sechrist
Advent Blessings,


  1. Thought Karen Edmisten hosted them, but looking at her posts different folks each time

  2. hello, Chari!

    so glad you are going to share this poem on Poetry Friday. Erin's right, a different person hosts the link-up each week. here's the list:

    hope this helps! peace keep you on this midwinter night,


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