Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Habits for February 2014

I liked Chari's New Year's Resolutions post.  
I didn't make any New Year's resolutions this year either, because I got sort of swamped during Christmas and then I was trying to carve out time to just relax a bit before life started again, and I did not want to think about the shape of 2014 yet.

But Chari's post made me think -- and I think I am going to try making monthly resolutions this year.    That way I can revisit regularly during the year and make modifications as I go.   I can hardly ever keep long-term resolutions, but I liked my trial run with Whole30 and I like those 31 Days to....type things you find everywhere, and a month seems like a good time period to get a solid start on a new habit. 

Also, I already (try) to plan lessons by the month, and plan out the liturgical year once a month, so maybe having a monthly time frame for resolutions will anchor it all together.

I'm trying to keep the listed resolutions simple, practical and doable.    One important aspect of that for me is pinning them to a time in the day or week.  

So here are my February goals/plans/habits right now:

Say a daily Chaplet of Divine Mercy especially for the sick and dying.    I started this when my mom was sick, but have gotten out of the habit recently.    And I happen to be aware of a lot of sick people recently so that will give me a chance to hold them in prayer.     Try to do this at 3 pm or right after we finish school for the day. 

Reset/Reform our chore system.   It has floundered since my older group of kids left the house.   I just have trouble figuring out a way to get the chores divided between a high school senior, a 14 year old with a limp (who however loves to help and does more than his share around the house right now) and a distractible 11 year old.   I may have to pray about this.   household tasks twice a week, and dinnertime cleanup daily

Go back to using Flylady -- I'm borrowing from Chari here. 
I come back to Flylady when life has changed and my old systems are not working as well. 
Specifically,  I've been trying to follow some version of the weekly zone missions
5 days a week, at daily cleaning time (see below)

Keep walking with Kevin daily.   We walk to the post office and back, about 2.5 miles of hiking in a mountainous forest trail.    This is great -- we spend time together, get outside in our national forest, and get exercise.   Daily -- usually at 11 am. 

Try to do quick-cleaning sprints for 15 minutes at least twice a day.
Related to this:  Clean as I Go, and vacuum for 5-10 minutes every late afternoon (my house needs it, but I procrastinate until it looks terrible).    In the morning while starting breakfast, and in the late afternoon while starting dinner prep

Work on lesson planning in the late afternoon before I read or rest. 
Because otherwise, it doesn't get done.
Related to this, tweak our schedule which has gotten a bit shabby during the Christmas break.
At 3 pm or after school is done for the day

Make it easier for my kids to learn.  By strewing, and rotating books and other things on the shelves, and helping them go to the next level in things they do on their own.    For this purpose, browse through some  shelves and cupboards at least once a month, preferably twice.   

Continue to follow my low-carb version of No-S.     I feel so much more energetic when I do.     Huge difference.   At mealtime, with a break on Sunday. 

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  1. I love this idea! Monthly resolutions! Flylady kind of fits in there well with that idea.....because each month she has a monthly habit to work on.....this month is 15 minutes of clutter.

    Even though I need to keep up my own resolutions each month, because they are basically how I must live my life anyway, it would be such a great idea to renew them on the first of each month.

    Thank you for this inspired me back!

    Oh! I think I better add one more resolution to my page........I need to try to be more deliberate in remembering to cook dinner for my kids. Yeah, I AM that bad of a mother. In my defense, many times I am not here at dinner because I work a full-time job......and I only have two kids under 18.


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