Thursday, January 2, 2014

TUAR More New Year Links

I hope you are all having a good 2014 so far.     Since the blogosphere abounds with New Year's posts this time of year, and New Year's/ Epiphany is one of my favorite times of the year,  I am going to mostly be posting links for the next few days.     Eventually I hope to write my own plans and goals for 2014, but not yet -- I'm still thinking and waiting.

Sarah's word is rest, which is a very wise thing to reflect on when you are a mom of 3 little ones under age two.    My word for 2013 was Beloved.  My word for 2012 was Diligence.     I haven't decided on my word for 2014 yet -- still praying about it.

Jessica writes:
So, this next week on the blog, I'm going to look at these different areas of my life: -Loving God -Loving my husband -Loving my kids -Loving myself (this is that stewardship thing!) -Writing (i.e., working well - insert your particular calling here) -Keeping House -Misc. And journal through what I'd like to work on this year.
I like this approach and these categories!  Here is her first post:   Resolution 1:  Love God.

New Year thoughts from Naru Hodo:
It doesn't really matter though how one frames ones questions as long as one prays, because God has a way of blowing away the froth and uncovering the heart of the matter. And as long as we don't panic at being denuded He will get the job done rather quickly.

  8 Weeks to a Less Cluttered Home:

Did I mention I need to go through the house thoroughly?  My last complete tour was in May, and I didn't blog much about it (too much going on with a dear only daughter's wedding and graduation!)      I usually make a Household Journey twice a year, though I should do it about four times a year, really.

Well, that took a while, and my family is waking up, so time to put more logs on the fire and make some muffins (peanut butter muffins, at my 11 year old's request) 

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