Sunday, July 27, 2014

My Little Miss M is Home!!!

My sweet little nineteen year old darling Miss Maddelyn
has returned from her year-long youth exchange in the country of Slovakia.
Maddelyn arrived at the Southern Oregon airport on July 8th.
Two sisters, one brother, one mama and one BFF met her at the airport.
The rest stayed behind to prepare a party for the girl who had been awake for about 48 hours.
Here is a photo-montage of the first meet'n'greet........
Maddelyn in the middle of the two middles....Sarah & Garrett....the two she falls in the middle of......

All the luggage she had to drag through several airports on her own. 
Each bag weighs in at 50#.....and she is barely 5-foot-tall.  :)


Her BFF since birth, Tallulah, drove over from Reno to surprise her.

Little brother Garrett, about one foot taller.  :)
These two are closest in age......22 months.
They were tandem-nursed.
Oh, so long ago........sigh.



Typical Bryan Kid behavior.....dancing in public.  :)

You know that we were the last ones in the airport.......

Miss Maddelyn & her oldest sister, Anne.....matching temperaments.


Three sisters back together again. 
But it was only for a couple of days.
SO BLESSED to have our wee lass home again.
Alas, it is only starts in mid-August. More sighing.
Mid-Summer Blessings,
PS  While I finish this post, I can hear Miss M conversing in Slovak with her host mother, on Skype.  :)

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  1. Welcome home!!! What joy!!! See the joy on her brother's face, bet he didn't outshine your face though:){{}} Enjoy


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