Monday, December 12, 2011

Mucho Mushrooms in the Redwoods

     We had a great day in the Redwoods today.  I took over 300 pictures........which is almost silly considering I have been in these same places so many times in the last two decades.....but I always do it anyway.  The places we visit are always in, we often visit at different times of the year, so there are new things to see, new perspectives to view.......

     .........including so many mushrooms I had never seen before!

     Those who know me my kids......know I love to photograph fungi.  I am weird that way.  And I am always forgetting that clever mushroom identification guide!

     I took too many photos to share all of them on the I thought I would at least separate the mushroom pics.  I will put the rest on Snapfish and share with a link in a later post.

     I tried to identify the mushrooms with online identification guides, but I could only ID one of them.  The guides seem too incomplete for help.  I will have to pull out my own favorite guide.

     In the meantime, here are my pretty and pretty interesting fungi.......

Guess which one is my favorite..........which one is yours?

           Gotta get to sleep for more coastal adventure tomorrow!  Haha, tomorrow's adventure involves thrift stores and Old Towne.....but we hope to make it to a beach somehow!





  1. Wow, what absolutely gorgeous photos! It looks like fairyland to me!

  2. I like the slender white ones that cluster in groups, but my favorite is the red polka-dot one -- I've only seen them in children's books -- so I think it would be cool to see them for real!

  3. I bet you like the second to last one because it looks like a fancy parasol or a rice-paddle hat. Well, that is my favorite.

  4. Beautiful. I'm fascinated by fungi too and just bought a guide book in hopes of learning to identify some of them. My favorites are the white ones with long thin stems growing on the green moss. Bur I also really like the red ones with white spots.


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