Tuesday, December 13, 2011

TUAR Tea Room

Chari rambled a little about what was going on in her life and I thought I would do the same.   We still haven't come together on a perfect title for our occasional random tidbits of life.  Oh, now there's a new title to add to Chari's list of possible titles  -- TUAR TIdbits!  Too much?  You don't think??

For now, I am going with TUAR Tea Room, because it lets me post a cute Mary Cassatt picture:

Picture yourself sitting in our little imaginary tea room and being caught up on the details of our daily lives.   Those ladies don't look quite like Chari and me, but we can pretend.  Don't you like that deep teal blue that is carried from teacups up to bonnet?   That color and the dark cape are in contrast to the  pastel hues and make me wonder what they are conversing about!

Before I go on, a quick blogging note    Our friend  Erin at Seven Little Australians and Counting has given us a Versatile Blogger Award!  Thank you, Erin!   We are very honored!  We are working on our post in between our various travels and other goings-on.  

Chari mentioned how much had been happening in our respective lives since we started this blog a month and a half ago.  Yes, indeed!    My family took one trip down to Disney, and two trips up to Oregon to visit our boys.   We just got back from the second one on Sunday.   In there was also Thanksgiving with daughter home from college with friend, and a bout of walking pneumonia for me and other viral nasties with the boys.

In other words, just normal life when homeschooling a crew of kids!  There always seems to be something, doesn't there?  

Here's a scene from our visit up to our sons in Oregon.   This is about as far as you can get from the femininity of  the above tea scene, isn't it?  Except that it shows good conversation can take place anywhere.

They were eating BBQ beef sandwiches, which means that standing up in the kitchen is probably a good idea since the living room floor is carpeted with beige.

Here is another masculine scene -- this time, the boys playing Paddy's Creationary game. 

A day or so after these pictures were taken, some of us were in a vehicular mishap which I told about here.    Everyone safe (thank you, guardian angels), car not very happy and may have to be pastured out.  

This last Saturday,  my husband Kevin and oldest son Liam went to see the finals of the division playoff between Sheldon (Sean's school) and Lake Oswego.    Unfortunately, our team lost, but just getting to the finals is pretty cool.

While they were at the game, which was played out in Portland OR, I and my little boys Paddy and Aidan got to go to OMSI with my brother and his family.    What a great place.

Paddy trying to build an arched bridge
Aidan loved the marble gravitational simulation. 
So that is the partial story of the last week of our lives.  As usual, much else went on that would take up too much time and space to write about!

  Now that I'm back at home again I would like to get back to more regular blogging -- in between unpacking and laundry and making coffee for my husband, who is helping final a computer game with the company he works for.   Our coffee pot broke, though the machine still works, so coffee making is more intensive than usual since I have to hold the cups under the filter apparatus to get the coffee. 

Until later,


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  1. Maybe just: The Tea Room

    or In the Tea Room??

    And, perhaps you should just STAY HOME for awhile! :) WE miss you here!!!


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