Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Wee Bit of Humor: Real Men Dance With Their Brothers

     I cannot find a way to get the Facebook video into I will send a link for you, for now.

     We were at a New Year's Eve Ball thrown by the ballroom dance instructors.  It took place in a building at least 100 years old.  Since there are not alot of people present at these balls, sometimes my kids will dance with their siblings. For this dance, Save the Last Dance For Me by Michael Buble, my two girls, seen in the background began dancing.  Then, my boys seen in the foreground.

      My boys, the younger aged 14 years, and the oldest, on his birthday here, turned 21 years.  They provided much humourous entertainment.....enough that the girls sat out to give them the floor.  As you can see, especially as the song nears the end.....the boys are vying for who is to lead this dance......ultimately, the older maintains that he is still yet, the stronger of the two.  :)

      Please watch and laugh with is hilarious!  And encourage your kids to learn to ballroom is great family fun!!!


Happy new year blessings,


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