Friday, February 10, 2012

A Wee Bit of Humor

...... To a homeschooling mom, perhaps, though it is a very serious issue.

What a surprise to find this on the front page of our local paper last week:

     Why can't they write what they really mean???  I don't send my child to school.  Neither do any of my other homeschooling friends.  This title is too general.......and it makes me laugh.  Oh, brother.  Where the heck was the Editor????

     The story is about a woman, and a couple of other parents, who had their kids signed up for a local public school, but did not always send them to the school.  Even after being warned, and signing a contract that they agreed to make sure their children got to the school, they still did not bring their kids to school often enough. So, now, they spend a year in jail.  This part is not funny.  Poor parents........they must have some serious issues.......poor kids.  This is such a traumatic thing.....

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