Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Mountain in January.....and a bit more

 We finally got our first snow storm of the year.....basically of the winter. 

Historically, Blogger and I have a issues whenever I want to add pictures or edit anything, and sometimes even when I attempt to save my, rather than fight the fact that Blogger cannot manage to place my photos in the order in which I have uploaded I will them serve them up as is.  So there, Blogger!


Last week the sky to the west was a gorgeous pink above the mountains, the view in my backyard.   Of course the iPhone camera could not quite pick up the very strong pink color...but you can get the idea......chicken coop in the foreground.  This is one of my favorite views of the area in which I live......gorgeous sunsets year-round!


 Black Butte is between my home and Mount Shasta.  Many people call it a cinder cone, but it actually an extinct volcano in its own right.  It can be quite it was a few days ago as we were driving home from I snapped a few frames. Loved the sun shedding a bit of light on it, peeking through the thick gray clouds.

 The ones below, till you get to the line, were taken with my really nice camera.......not as easy to upload....but boy! the picture quality is preferred!

I had more to upload, but I am so far into February now......I am just going to post.


The two photos below are from a very early morning arrival to my job. 
The mountain view each time I walk into work.....ah, sigh.

Black Butte to the left and The Mountain in the background.  From my property.

 Black Butte as we were driving up the freeway off-ramp......

Just before dusk......

There was this amazing rainbow within this cloud while I was driving on the freeway, dying to take the photo!  When I finally got off the road, it had diminished......but you can see that it was an amazing sight to see!

The small streak of cloud to the left is the rainbow cloud....
.....the view from my house once I arrived home.

There were lovely ice designs on the window in my garage one morning.....

More rainbow cloud.......not the close-up, but where it was in perspective to everything else.

LOL.....I did get this photo below while I was driving, but not looking at how I was can see it was brighter at first, that rainbow cloud.

Blessings from one of the Sacred Mountains in the world,  seriously  :)



  1. So beautiful! We will drive past it sometime this week : )

  2. Yep.....and it might be too cloudy and or snowy to see The Mountain.

    driving by tomorrow, right?

    St. Christopher and the Three Holy Kings, pray for us, and especially those that travel!



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