Wednesday, March 21, 2012

the Ribbons of Lent

      Inspired by Gae's Valentine Banner, found on her Cherished Hearts at Home blog, I created a Lenten Ribbon Banner this year. I love how it looks! 

      My original intention was to tie the ribbons on....and let my youngest take one off for each day of Lent, as a countdown........or would it be a "countup" ?  :)  I tied a dark purple for each day of Lent and a lavender ribbon for each Sunday. For Ash Wednesday and Good Friday, there is a wide dark purple ribbon, to set those days apart. 

      I was unsure about where to hang it........there are not many options in my smallish house.  I was finally inspired to remove a couple of pictures from above the home altar.....which then provided me with the two nails I needed with which to hang the banner.

      I found it such a pretty addition......and something that was definitely needed for this Lenten Season.........I decided it would stay as is.  I just could not tolerate half of a banner hanging over my altar.....too unbalanced.

Another angle.......

A close-up........

A detail.........note the wide dark purple ribbon for Ash Wednesday......

Our Lenten altar, shown at night in candlelight.......

A close-up in the shadow of the ribbons....

It is not too late to make one for this season.......make it now, and you will have a few weeks to enjoy the decor........and it will be ready to go on Ash Wednesday of next year!

Lenten Blessings,


PS  Willa and I have both missed blogging these past few weeks......we are looking forward to finding some focused time to spend here at our blog.  Please keep praying for us.......we pray for you!!!


  1. Chari, what a wonderful idea for Lent. I think I will try it next year. I like to be able to think about the season and half way through, it seems we for get that it is Lent.

    Chari, also, thank you for sponsoring the Rosary novena's every year.

    1. Haha, we cannot forget it is Lent here....I make it just "painful" enough for them that we cannot forget (though this is not one of our better years :/ ).....but I DO know what you mean.

      I am glad that you like the Rosary, too! I appreciate gathering with all of you to pray!

  2. Dear Chari,
    I love it!!
    I was thinking about it when you mentioned it earlier.
    I wanted to do St Patrick one too.

    It looks so beautiful
    Well Done

    God Bless

    1. Thank you, Gae.......for your feedback and your inspiration. Now that my kids are old.....half are young adults.......I don't do as much as I used to. It was nice to do something new.

  3. Dear Chari,
    I agree it is too pretty ot have half but id you consider having a walking theme move across the ribbon banner. Perhaps a boring old fashioned wooden peg that you paint as Jesus or a lamb or cross etc

    1. That is a good idea! I really want to paint some of those saints and stuff......I think it will be a hobby of mine AFTER the kids grow.....sigh.

      For now...I have a Lenten Path whereby he colors a stone on the path for each day of Lent.


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