Sunday, June 3, 2012

Let the Gardening Begin!

We have put a garden in here at Our Hearts' Haven for so many years.....I almost don't remember when we did not have one. I am pretty sure we only had three children when we started. That first year everything was a bit crude, having done it all by hand.....including tilling the earth. Thank God for strong husbands. And I was very pun intended. It was my first garden, ever........for this city-raised girl. There are those who make fun of me for not having a green thumb. My thumb is not black....but it may well be barely green. I can grow things in the garden....but I cannot really keep a house plant alive....for very long anyway.

Now we have evolved into a "planned garden."
I keep a notebook every year.....and take note of what is planted where. I used to do it as I went.......the last few years, I take my seeds and organize the rows on paper, and label each seed packet with its row number. Things go mush more smoothly now. With a handful of us, we can get the garden planted in less than two hours. Nice.

MAY 2nd
Day One
The rows......before we planted
...the ten year old helps.....he likes the big squash seeds...
.....the 21 year old and the 17 year old.......
(oh, wait, she was still 16 years old, her birthday was not for another three days!)

.....the 15 year old.......
...the garden looking toward the chicken coop.....

.....what the dirt looks like after a chicken welcomes herself into the garden....
......messes up our newly planted rows.....grrrrrrr
.....the radishes pop up in days......of course!
.......and this is where will be spending a good part of our days in the next three months.....
Do you grow a garden every year?

Blessings in the Month of the Most Sacred Heart,


  1. Wow that is a big garden! We have a tiny little raised bed that I never seem to weed. I'm not even going to do anything with it this year. Hope you have a wonderful harvest!

  2. Sometimes I think it is big.....but then I take a good look at it and think it is just medium-sized. I guess I need others to compare to. :)

    Either way, the job of weeding it IS big! Even Willa has to help me weed when she visits. :)

    I usually have to bribe the kids to weed X amount of rows......before I will take them to the lake. :)

    I pray we have a wonderful harvest, too........We had a freeze over Memorial day weekend......and I think I lost all of my pumpkin plants and most of my cucumbers. We are having another freeze this I will have to replant those......

    I alreasdy need to update the one month later.


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