Saturday, June 9, 2012

My girl from Austria.....will be home soon!

Let the countdown begin!!!

Miss Sarah Elizabeth will be returning to her family, twenty five days from today!

So soon!

She has been in northwest Austria since early August, 2011,
 as a Rotary Youth Exchange student.

We have missed her immensely......
.....we are thrilled for the experiences she has received....
.........and we are ecstatic that she returns to us soon!

The following photos are "stolen" from her Facebook postings.

One of my favorites......

She is the girl with the cap on her head.....

She is the girl with the red scarf around her neck.....

She is the girl with the green scarf around her neck....

My princess in red....doing the dishes......just like we knew she would.  :)

I think you can figure out which one is Sarah?

Celebrating an Austrian holiday....

Sarah & her new friend

Yikes!  That is high!

Hiking girl


"Oh, yeah?"


The girl in the purple scarf....

"And these are Austrian rocks...."

Perfect place for an Austrian picnic! 
This family has been an incredible blessing to Sarah......
.....and I am sure she has been a blessing to them as well.

Celebrating her 19th birthday with her second host parents........
...whom she loves dearly. 
It was her host mom's birthday the day before........
...the toast was made just after midnight on Sarah's birthday.  :)

And now........we wait.....tick tock, tick tock, tick tock......
......turning the pages of the daily calendar




  1. Wow, that sounds like a fantastic experience for her! Did she know German before she left? How did the going to school thing work for her? I'm really intrigued by the program. Were you members of the Rotary club before she became an exchange student? I've very curious!

    1. Hi, Faith! She took German for about a year from a tutor, but it was only one hour a she only had an intro. She is fluent now! ;)

      Going to school in a foreign country when you are only expected to do your not too hard. I bet the hardest part was getting out of the house when it was below freezing.

      No, we are not memebers of the Rotary club. I would be happy to share with you....but it would have to be via phone because I don't know when I coudl write it all out.

      You can go to the link in the post to get LOTS of info....and then I can answer any specific questions......or tell you how we brought it about.

      Let me know!

      Oh, and Sarah was our second child (really, young adult as they were both over 18 years when they left) to go with Rotary. Matthew went to Switzerland for a year.

  2. Whoo hoo!!!:):):) She looks incredibly poised and has that European 'polish':)

    1. Haha, Erin......she had that polish before she left!! That is why she fit in so well. Well, one of the reasons.

      Cant wait to see her! Only 23 days now!


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