Tuesday, June 5, 2012

We've Set a Date! Two Dates, In Fact!

I am pleased to say we have reserved the dates on the calendar!

     Willa and I are getting together in mid-June to spend about a week together.  It will just be the little boys and the moms.  All of the older children have other places to be.  This really will be an interesting time for us....having only five kids between us.  This visit will be our (mostly) annual (for the last five years) time of retreat.  We usually plan our next year of homeschooling together, often do a "book" or "chapter" study........and now that we blog together.....there will be some blogging time.  Yes.

       We are going to try to work hard to get a little nature study in with the boys. They usually play all.day.long.....and we just go with it. It is hard to interrupt their play for outings. We enjoy our own focused time, too. That makes it twice as hard to get out. I have some good trails that I really think Aidan is going to enjoy.

      I know I need this.  It will be such a blessing for us to have this time.

And then.........

.......In July, I will have all six of my children home....and Willa will come back to visit with as many of her kids as can come.  For another week!  There will be dancing, hiking, tea time..... lots of conversations....and no doubt, movies. The kids are really looking forward to this.  I am , too.


 Just thought I would share..............my joy.

Spring Blessings,


PS:  I just realized:  Willa will be here in only 12 days!  I have a lot to get done!  I might need a list!

(All pictures of Ryan & Bryan kids are from the past......)


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Faith!

      I envy me, too! A week with Willa! Better than a homeschool conference! :)

      I mean TWO weeks!

      We spent time on the phone last night, talking about our plans for the first week.

      Now...to be a decluttering fool till the time arrives!

  2. Mary Alice PhillipsJune 5, 2012 at 10:43 AM

    Oh, how wonderfull!! Relish each second and know I send you both hugs!

  3. Thank you, dear! We appreciate your hugs!


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