Saturday, July 28, 2012

I Am Going to Make My Kids Crazy....Wicked Laugh!


Off and on this summer, one of us gets this tune in our head and we start humming.  The next thing you know.....all of us are humming it.........we are all going crazy.

We like the song.........but everyday. in our heads!

A reprieve of a week or so comes.  And starts again.

Last week, it was me.  I could not stop humming this song.  The kids were begging me to stop. Begging.

I finally downloaded it from iTunes onto my iPhone. Now, I can have it whenever I want.  Wicked laugh.

Haha.  They don't know it yet.  And now I have figured how to make the song repeat.  Over and over and over again. I am going to make them crazy.  ;)

Actually, my little man knows.  I put it on last night and chased him around the house with it.  :)  He was begging me to stop.

This is going to be fun.......



  1. Heehee! I do that, too!!!

    I now have 8 songs on my iPad which go round and round and I play it however loud I like (heehee!)

    The kids begged me to get more songs when the first two went on and on, and they're not too happy, now. But, it makes ME happy!

    They also don't like me singing and only the youngest two like the dancing. But, I'm sure they really want me to be happy so I think it's in their best interests for me to keep performing for them (heehee!).

    And, you're so right, Chari - it's HEAPS of fun! They'll realise that, one day:-D

    God bless, kindred spirit:-)

    1. This all sounds quite familiar. :)

      So, i played the song.....and the first kid to hear it, the 15yo said: shut that song off now or I am leaving.

      The next group groaned and groaned........and they all keep groaning now.

      Every time I play it, the little guy goes around humming it....and the olders jump on him. hahaha :)

      My children make fun of my singing and my dancing. Since they are all better at me than both, I provide the comic relief.

      I used to dance their dinner plates them when they were young. I broke a toe once doing that :)

      Good night!


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