Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Little Nature This Week

I have spent so much time in nature since my last inclusion of Elisa's   

I have dragged taken guests all over our area recently to see the natural beauty......

Ask Willa. 

Ask her kids. 

I dragged them along, too.......even though we were all so tired and it was hot.  :)

I have taken hundreds of photos. 

And I would upload at least a hundred for you........
.........if I did not live in the country had unlimited internet.

In the interest of keeping up with Elisa,
I have decided to share these butterfly shots.

A large crowd of us (three full cars!) had just taken a nature walk up at an alpine lake.
On the way down the hill, toward home, I stopped to take a phone call.

While I was chatting, I spotted this butterfly on this flower.
He was there so long, I thought for sure if I grabbed my camera (the good one),
he would wait there for me.....and he did.  
I like that the zoom worked well for me.....I did not have to get too close and scare him away. 
I got about four shots before he flitted away. 

 These two are the best.

How about joining the Garden Party

Nature Blessings,



  1. Oh my goodness..those photos are just breathtaking!! Thanks for mentioning keeping the Nature Walk open longer...I've been thinking about that. What do you think if I just keep it over through the weekend? Through Sunday midnight? That might give everyone a chance to blog the nature they found over the weekend.

    1. I have been thinkin about this, Elisa. I think maybe it would be good to keep the Garden Party open till the next one opens. The point of this kind of party: the more the merrier, right? It would be nice to get peole linked up whenever it works for that if Friday just is not their day, as it would not be for Erin below, they would be able to link up at any given time.

      What do you think? No pressure from you can see, I just link up late in the comments :) Just some thoughts.....

      But at least defintiely till Sunday night......with all of the different time zones that you have attracted.....that could work better for you.

      Blessins.....and thanks for giving us a place to play in nature with our friends all over the world.....

  2. Absolutely awesome!!! Yes please Elisa as I don't get to it till my Saturday.

    1. Thanks, Erin! I was SO in the right place at the right time, eh!


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