Friday, July 27, 2012

The Mountain in April

Oh, my!  I am so behind on The Mountain series.

I get behind in this series and most blog posts, especially the ones that involve photos.....because I live in a place with limited internet.  It sucks (yes, I did just say that word), but I always remind myself of my mantra: 
I love living in the country.  
I love living in the country. 
I LOVE living in the country.

Here are my pics from April......


The Mountain:

...from my usual spot on the way into town......

Lovely, eh?

On another gorgous day......


And now, other views from our area......

Mt. Eddy, the view from my backyard, facing west, as the sun peeked over Mt Shasta

And, same view on another morning.....

My friend took this picture of the moon and I stole it from her....
                                      (okay, she said I could....I think)

I had seen the same view......but did not have my camera with me, so when she posted this on Facebook, I snagged it.

Thanks, Gretchen!

A snowy April morning....
......and NOT something I want to reflect on right now,
in the middle of summer

In our mini-orchard.....

The neighbor's barn....

The skeleton of our "greenhouse"........

The two oak trees in our front yard.......

The view from our front door, on a snowy morn......

Our cars......

An apple tree.....

An aspen tree grove........on a favorite stretch of country road.....
....that is SOOOOO Green Gables like!
I have some pics for May to compare, soon.

When we drive past this grove, on both sides of the road, we feel like we are in an Anne of Green Gables scene.....

And lastly, this is Black Butte, a small extinct volcano near our home,
and one of our views from the front door.
This picture was taken at the top of the freeway off-ramp nearby.



PS  Hoping to get the May mountain photos up as soon as I can!

Especially since I have already taken June and July photos.......  :)


  1. Chari,

    You live in such a beautiful part of the world. Thank you for sharing your photos. I just cannot imagine how cold your winters are. All that snow is very picturesque. I bet you are very hardy people, unlike us who complain if the temperatures fall into single figures (Celsius)!

    God bless!

  2. Yes, Sue, I do! And, I think I am particularly in love with it even more in this last year.......maybe the "light" winter helped that :)

    I live in a place that can get quite a lot of snow.....but most of the time it is sunny.......thank God, or I could never live here. I know it looks cold, but the majority of the time, we are only below freezing some of the time. Most of our winter is in the 30's to 50's........unlike the midwest in my country, where they go below zero (F) most winters. We rarely get below zero here.

    That being said, our winters can be long.....sometimes 5-8 months. That can be hard.

    Willa's weather is often like mine....only she gets more snow and about ten degree lower temps, due to living a couple of thousand feet more above sea level.

    I wish we were all using the metric would be so much easier. Since I am a nurse, I can use both. But not metres or kilometeres. Neverr\ use those in the medical field. :)

    Hardy? I don't know. Tolerant? Perhaps. I do believe we just use this as part of our purgatory on earth......what do you think about that concept, Willa? ;)

    Blessings, Sue! Thanks for coming by!

  3. Beautiful, and cold!! brrr.
    btw is that your swing in the background?!


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