Saturday, July 21, 2012

Ora Et Labora

         I have always thought that Saint Benedict was referring to the home gardener when he said:


I am finally finding time to get out there to pull the weeds...... has been several weeks and they are out of control.
I thought I could drag my company out there to help.....but we have been too busy.

Willa and I finally got out there last night......see bottom picture.

I awakened to a gorgeous sunny day, with the perfect breeze.
The garden called to me.....and out I went.
(See top picture)

And there, alone with the earth, I find that lovely moment in time
where one can WORK and PRAY so well,
in the peace and quiet that the garden setting can offer.

Midsummer blessings,

                          Chari.......on this last day of Willa's visit  :(


  1. I feel the same way :) I do need to go and garden but it is about 80 in the shade. Phew!! We are going out tonight so I might try for a half hour of clean up and watering.

  2. Yeah, Helen, I thought you could relate. Are you still going to be able to come up and visit? I am sure that we can work and pray together in my garden...there should still be some work around..... ;)

    I usually try to be in the garden when it is cooler.....but sometimes I will do it when it is hot anyway.....and just do a shorter time. Those times add up.



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