Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Willa Will Be At Our Hearts' Haven Today!

What we would like to think we will spend the week doing........

Five O’ Clock Tea, 1880
by Mary Cassett

by Nikolai Petrovich Bogdanov-Belsky, Russian painter, 1868-1945

Girls in the Garden
by Frank W. Benson, American painter, 1862-1951

Two Ladies in a Boat
by Frederick Carl Frieseke
1874 - 1939

After our experiences on our last visit together.....
......what we will probably be spending the week doing.......

Midsummer Blessings, 

                         Chari & Willa


  1. Do you like Impressionism, Chari? Renoir is one of my favourite artists - I love these sunny paintings! And, I also love the thought of high tea but, here at The Zoo, the last photo is probably more likely, too:-)

    I could tell Willa was very special, when I first 'met' her in blogging, Chari, so it's so neat to know my kindred spirit is her best friend:-D I hope you all have a really lovely time, together!

    God bless:-)

    1. Do *I* like Impressionism???? Do *I* LOVE Impressionism??? Why, yes, I do! I fell in love with Impressionism as a teen. When I was in my young twenties, I met Mary Cassatt on the cover of a nursing (RN) textbook.....and fell in love with her.

      I LOVE art. I have been to most of the major art museums in this country. I think. Many more than once. I saw both of the rare exhibits from the Louvre when they were in San Francisco. My children may be from a small town, but they know their artists and art. :)

      I love Renoir, too...and one of his prints looms very large in my living room. :)

      We love tea here. We try to have tea time with visitors.....it is our go-to plan for parties and get-togethers. Sometimes it is our version of "high tea" Are you a tea or coffee lover? or neither?

      Willa IS special!

      When I told Willa that I loved your blog a few weeks back, that I thought, based on your photography, that you were a kindred spirit......she said that your were Sue Elvis' sister. Funny how after all of these years....I never ended up at your blog before....

      This is more fun than having a pen pal ;)

      Thanks for the well wishes......she and I will have to work hard to carve quiet time out fo this crowd. Thankfully having older kids only means that they self-entertain :)


  2. Which Renoir painting do you have in your living room, Chari? We have The Luncheon of the Boating Party, over one of our sofas!

    I spent a weekend in Paris, after uni, and we went to the Louvre. I caught stomach flu, on the first day, but I was so excited to be there that I limped around Paris, doubled up - but with a huge smile on my face:-D

    I like tea and coffee and I don't mind instant but I love the taste and smell of real tea leaves and freshly ground coffee beans. And, I love beautiful table cloths and flowers and pretty china - though, at the moment, we're still using plastic, child-proof utensils and my tablecloths have taken on a new life as a toddler tent:-)

    I only started blogging, last year, Chari. I tried Facebook, for a while, but now I just have the blog.

    Are you an artist, Chari? I love art - usually! - and music, poetry, gardening, nature and sewing. I'm trying to get started on journaling but there's only 24 hours in each day:-(

    I hope you get your quiet time:-) I'm imagining you both trekking around that beautiful mountain! Though, the bottom photo looks like fun, too;-)

    God bless, Chari and Willa!

  3. Wow, Vicky! We have the same artist over our sofa! That is an amusing thing to have in common. :)

    My next blog post will have a picture of that print over my sofa. We call it a couch. maybe you can join Willa and I in our SOMETHING AROUND MY HOUSE game? See the next post..... you could start with YOUR Renoir.

    How exciting to make it to the Louvre! My daughter just visited the louvre last month.......she is my little artist girl. I have a little artist boy, too. Anyway, she can relate to your sickness problem: she was so excited to be in Florence, home of Michelangelo......and she missed the whole city due to coming down with the chicken pox! She then visited more of Italy not feelin well....you poor things!

    I love the smell of coffee......and will occasionally go through spells every other year, of drinking some......but it must be mocha-flavored. Coffee sometimes makes me feel ill, like I have taken a drug. I LOVE the small of it......we use only fresh gound beans in our family......my older kids have taken it to a fine art. :) One of mine will only drink French pressed coffee now. The coffee snob.

    I have loose leaf......but I am too lazy to make it.....maybe if I could find a flavor I really like...I could commit. I drink one cup every morning....sometimes more. I like it in the afternoon, as well, even on hot days. In the winter, hot tea is a great comfort. We like tea so much, I have an enitre three shelf cupboard dedicated to tea. :) All fo my chidlren love tea and coffee.

    I love pretty table settings, too. I even have a board on Pinterest called: Decorating the Table. Not that I actually ever post anything on Pinterest. :/

    For the moment, I use vinyl tablecloths, but I change them to match the season, both natural or liturgical.

    I have pretty plates.....but they are getting chipped. I really should use my china more frequently, esp now that my children are older....

    Oh, and I will stop the car to pick fresh wildflowers home for the table. :)

    I think answering the question AM I AN ARTIST? has inspired some personal reflection and flashback memories......so, I will answer that in a post, if I ever get a chance to write it. Suffice it to say, YES, I AM an artist, whether real or only imaginary remains to be seen..... :)

    I love all of those things you listed: music poetry gardening (sort of) nature and sewing (wish I actually could do it more).......this seems like a "nature-oriented" summer for us this year. It has been such a blessing and so good for my mental health.

    I am glad that you started blogging, and that I have not missed out on your words for years :)

    Willa and I did find some quiet time....and we took less naps this visit. That being said.......it was not really OUR time to visit. Our kids got good visiting in, and I am grateful for that. The girls had not spent time together in years.

    Willa thought maybe I could have used a picture of cute kittens sleeping instead of gorillas......but now I can tease her and ask her if she is being a "napping gorilla" I will get years worth of mileage on that one!

    Sorry I took so long to respond......but I was so busy and tired and low on internet!!



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