Friday, October 12, 2012

TUAR Picture Book Challenge: October 2012 for the Bryans

This Picture Book Challenge was an excellent idea for my own little guy.

I am thrilled with the response my 11-year old gave to my purposefully reading the picture books to him.  He loved the choices of books that I made last month.  And, I am excited to know that in the midst of our really crazy, busy month, I was able to get all ten of the books read to him.  We read Ping twice, per his request.  Too cute.

Just like last month, I have decided to go with the plan of FIVE familiar books and FIVE books new to us.......and all of them from our own shelves.

The first five pictured are family faves....going way back to when I only had one little one to read to........

This book was great fun......because every two years or so,
the kids were expecting a new little sibling. 
This was really sweet for my oldest two when
they were expecting a new little sibling........they matched the book! 
Always love Marjorie Flack around here......

I cannot really remember this story......but the kids loved it and the title!
------just read it last is sweet enough, but the little sister's name is Sarah.......
just like our own that must have been a great draw for them. 
It was my husband who mostly read this book to them.

This is one of those  books that has a kind of silly repeat sentences........
my little kids have loved it. 
It is too young for my man.......
but he does not seem to notice........
because the memories shade that from his mind.

Another one of those books with the repeat sentences..........
beloved by my children because when they were little,
their cousins with all of the kids (were six and then 8 and eventually ten)
were brought to mind every time we read this story.

Any classical music loving family,
or one trying to bring classical music to the lives of the young, will adore this book.
Another family fave for sure and forever!

....on the list of to-read books for years......

Going to pull out the tangrams for this one!

This is a September 11th story.......nice illustrations

Just bought this one at the library half-price sale.......when Willa was visiting....

I brought this picture book home from Hawaii with me......
I love to find picture books for souvenirs. 
It was hard in Hawaii......there were so many ugly ones with dumb stories.

This is where I keep the current months picture books.......
...looks like a photo from last month.

.....and this is where the basket sits in my house.

      Sorry I was so late to get this posted.......I had it ready about a week before the month even started, but because of my internet challenges at home, I could not put the finishing touches on it and get it posted.....happily and hopefully praying that the internet problems are now resolved.  :)

Picture Book Blessings....and there are you and yours,


PS:  Here is Willa's month of October.......

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