Wednesday, October 3, 2012

TUAR Picture Book Challenge: October 2012 -- Willa

This month for a Picture Book Challenge, I decided to focus on Aidan.   Though Paddy is the youngest, Aidan is the one still firmly in the Picture Book stage.  In fact, his favorites are generally board books.

I went through our family bookshelves and pulled out about a dozen that I remembered being favorites of his.  I left them piled on the floor while I went off to make dinner.  When I came back, they had all disappeared.

I looked around, wondering if my middle aged brain had deceived me again.  Then something made me go over to Aidan's bed to look there.

Sure enough!   I guess I was right about these books being favorites of his : ).

This time I will separate them out so you can see them better.

Dr Seuss, PD Eastman, and Theo LeSieg -- are they all the same person?
I thought Aidan might like to look through a counting book or two -- he loves pictures of groups of things. 
Songs made into books... the Teddy Bear one is excellent, the Twinkle one is just ordinary art, but he loves the song.

I didn't photograph it because the cover is just blue and it's not really a picture book, but I also got out an old book of Mother Goose rhymes.   It's hard to ignore that Aidan's all time favorites universally have rhymes, a strong rhythm or at least a repeating verbal motif, so really, I should encourage that since really, nursery rhymes are the bedrock of language and literacy and folk wisdom.     A lot of punch to pack in 4-10 lines. 

Happy Picture Book Days during October!


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  1. Willa,

    "I looked around, wondering if my middle aged brain had deceived me again." That made me laugh. I have one of those brains too!

    My children love Dr Seuss too. We have all those, and "Guess How Much I Love You".

    I also love books with strong rhymes... or repetitive words or phrases. I suspect it is harder to write a good picture book than it looks!


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