Friday, November 2, 2012

Flashback Nature Walk

A couple of days ago, I was looking for something on my old blog, Our Hearts' Haven, when I came across a "thirty pictures in April" theme........(click there for the link)

I had so much fun looking at the pictures, I decided to link to them here for Elisa's Nature Walk this week.  Do think about joining Elisa!

If you do bother to follow the link (and I cannot blame you if you don't), you will see some awesome photos.  Just start at the bottom and scroll up, from April 1st to the if you want, for explanation.......but just peek.  God's bounty of beauty is such a treat......and the man-made stuff is quite inspired as well.  Really.  I keep thinking that the next time I get to San Francisco, I want to get back to these lovely spots. I want to relive the experience, with my children older.

We had gone on a trip south and many of these pics were taken while visiting a beautiful little gem of a church in San Rafael, California.

There are also photos from two different visits to the Sacramento River, in Redding and in Sacramento, as well as from our excursions to Muir Beach and Muir Woods (see the wonderful California Redwoods!)

Please let me know if you did go to peek.....and tell me which of the photos were your favorite.  :)



PS.......Between Willa's travels and a bad cold.....and my working way more than usual.....and endless chauffering.....oh, and those pesky Internet issues at my home.....and a major application to get in for my senior.....we are a bit quiet.  Life, it sure does happen!

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  1. What a cute little birdie! I did see your other pictures..they are sooo beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Those redwoods are just so stunning.


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