Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Mountain in August 2012

Late. Yep.  That is me.....but, here it is. 
The twelfth month of The Year of The Mountain......

But First:  Adding this post to Elisa's Nature Walk......
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Can you spell S-M-O-K-E??????

Yep.  From August 1st through August 31st......and beyond, the skies were smoky.

Just check out this "current weather conditions" in mid-August for the big town an hour south of us.  Ugh.

Various views of The Mountain....and more......and some smoky.  Most.


Black Butte, below.....

This view was taken from the highest point one can drive up the mountain. 
I intend to have a whole post of just this visit up there......eventually.....

The moon.....taken with the Instagram camera my sister gifted to me.....
photo taken to the south from my yard

Not too cloudy on the day below.......but not much snow.  Even less now.
Monday, that will all change.  Time for the new "Year of The Mountain" to begin.....
though I will not be photojournaling its next season......much.

Every time I see this photo below.....I cannot remember where I was standing when I took the pic.
Then it dawns on me......oh, yeah.  At my friends' house. 
We had gone there for a dinner visit one night.
This is their view of The Mountain from their back deck.

This is the same spot where I usually shoot The Mountain for this Year of The Mountain.......
notice how The Mountain is hard to see through the smoke?

Pretty sunset......from my backyard
....and closer.....

 Fascinating clouds over the mountain......

And, yet another smoky day......

The sun, through the smoke.....

A smoky sunset form the soccer fields......Black Butte, too

Another smoky sunset......that is the mountain range behind my backyard....


Sunrise, this time.....back when it was up before I left for work....


Hazy, eh?

It may be a bit smoky, but that blue sky is gorgeous
Early one morning, I caught a few pics behind my backyard,
as the moon set in the west.....
at the same time that the sun was rising in the east



  1. Chari,

    Is that smoke from fires, and snow on the mountains at the same time?

    I enjoyed your photos. I like the hazy effect from the smoke. I can see you love your mountains. I would too! They are very beautiful.

    God bless!

    1. Yes...both snow and smoke. Some of the days were so smoky....we could not see the mountain at all.

      One day Willa was here for the afternoon...the smoke moved in...and then out again....all in the course of a few hours. MY mountains. Wonderful blessing.....

      Thanks for reading (or shall I say, looking?)....God bless!

  2. Oh my gosh!! GORGEOUS!! Sorry, if I say that every single week, but I love your mountain. Those last 3 favorites.

    1. Thanks for coming by, Elisa! I love MY mountain, too!

      I love these views...I am in AWE all day long. I may have to chauffeur the kids all the live long day......but at least I have a movie to watch in the sky...most days.


  3. Even with smoke those mountains are incredible! God is so Great isn't He?

    1. Oh, yes, He is!

      I think about that every time I leave my house.....I back out of my drive-way, look up and see those mountains behind my house and know: I am so blessed!

      Thanks for stopping by our blog!



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