Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Division Lapbook for Paddy

This was my second try at a lapbook.  I was still learning how to make the folds and arrange things on the page.  This one is about division, for Paddy.

Most of the booklets inside the lapbook are from the Division Lapbook-- for free at HomeschoolShare

The envelope-looking thing on the right middle is a multiplication chart.  I made it using a double four corner fold (sounds harder than it was).  You can fold it outwards if you need help with the math facts. 

This is the cover of the lapbook.  I have tried and tried to find where I got this cut and paste house model.   But no go.  I learned from this to keep track of the links I followed!  Meanwhile, if you know where it's from, please tell me so I can give credit.  It made a really cute lapbook cover. 

Having tried both, I like notebooking the mini-books rather than lapbooking with a file folder, but Math seems like a natural for the File Folder layout.   It would be easier to carry around as a reference or "mini-office".   Grammar and making something for a picture book study also seem good for the file folder layout.    My plan is that my children do more of their own over time and then they can choose which format they prefer.  Right now I am just making a bunch of them because I need to get familiar with the how-tos and also I think they need to be able to touch examples before they will have any desire to create their own. 


  1. Hi Willa! Happy new year! I am just curious. How much time do you spend on each book and is it mostly you putting them together for Paddy to look at and review what he's learning or does he do most of the work and as he puts it together he is being exposed to new things to learn?

    I wanted to do lapbooks with my youngest (now 11). We only managed to one ever, on St. Elizabeth of Hungary, but my dd did it all herself. She'd have none of me helping her. And once she'd done one she saw no reason to make one again for another topic. So it didn't quite go over well here. But all your pictures are so enticing! Makes me wish I had a younger child to explore the whole with again!

    1. Hi Faith! Happy New Year! Those are good questions. I am doing most of the work with the notebook pages. I am just using my vacation time to learn how to make the folds and arrange things. It is a combination of things that Paddy(or Aidan) already learned, and things that I want Paddy(or Aidan) to learn. I guess I am thinking of notebooking as mostly a homemade interactive textbook. When it is something he still has to learn, I am leaving spaces blank for him to fill in, but I don't think he would want to, or could, do the folds and gluing himself, not at this point. But maybe in future he would want to try. I will have to see. Right now it is more comparable to me scrapbooking a portfolio of his narrations and responses, etc. I hope that makes sense.

      Aidan on the other hand works alongside me doing his "own stuff". I am seeing myself learning this skill as a good longterm investment for his learning since he is extremely tactile and visual. When I used to make Montessori cards he loved it and started making his own, plus he learned from the ones I made. He still brings them out.

      My daughter was more like yours. She wanted to do things on her own. She actually started notebooking/scrapbooking before I got into it, when she was a teenager. She made a commonplace book and a recipe/cookbook that were really pretty. I think she probably got her inspiration at least partly from Chari's girls.

    2. Malachy made several lapbooks...mostly for the study of a single animal. He LOVED it and did most of the work himself. He was aged 8-10. I bet if I printed the stuff up again...he would go for it. He still retains the things he learned....about penguins, eagles...and ....

      The lapbooks at ........ were a great resource. Sheesh. I can't remember where..... Oh, yeah! Look under their science lapbooks. Makes it very easy when combined with some books from the library.

  2. Willa, I have so enjoyed viewing all your labbooks. I fell in love with the idea of lapbooks several years ago, via 4Real Learning forums. However, NONE of my children shared my love. In fact, they all promptly vetoed doing lapbooks. And timelines too, for that matter. I've recovered, and made peace with using other methods. However, I do enjoy living vicariously through what you are producing with your boys!
    Happy New Year!

    1. Hi Shawna, Thank You!! I loved the idea of lapbooking too, but like yours, my kids were not really the lapbooking type. Or the notebook or timeline type. However, now that I am older and don't have babies/toddlers, I have a little more hands-on time project time so I decided to spend the Christmas vacation learning how to do this just for me (though I do hope it will also benefit the homeschool in the long run, and I think Paddy will probably like the interactive element of the pages -- we do a lot of reading and talking on an informal basis for our learning time). The lapbooking/notebooking is really fun for me and fun to share online. I have been having so much fun browsing the internet seeing other lapbooks so I thought others might enjoy seeing my efforts for what they are worth. Glad you do. Hope you and your family have a blessed New Year!

  3. Hi Chari & Willa,
    Thank you soooo much for sharing! I love it. The Multiplication and division fact families house can be found on teachers pay teachers and it is by Sharima Morton.


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