Thursday, January 3, 2013

More History Pages

These are pages I made using some printouts I designed before Christmas:

Mohammed (PDF)
Charles Martel (PDF)

Page 1:  Overview of Mohammed

Close-Up of Left side -- this uses a Quilt Template (though I made my own, out of homemade paper, very easy, just take a square sheet, turn it so it is a rhombus or diamond-shape, then fold in the four corners to meet the middle).

My son's narration is the middle part.  I find it easier to have him do narrations if we have a picture to start with, which is how I use the notebook pages I made. 

On each flap I put origami paper cut in triangles, and put some fact about Mohammed's life or importance, using the facts from Heritage History's bio page

Page 2:   Mohammed Review, and map showing spread of Islam.

Still using the Mohammed Mini-Workbook linked above.
I used origami paper for decoration.

Right:  Map showing the spread of Islam during the century following Mohammed's death.  


The fold on the left is a vocabulary shutter book.  It's basically like this and again, very easy to make; you just fold some paper lengthwise in three, then cut however many divisions you want on the right.

I put review questions in here but am going to have Paddy fill out when we do term review.

A couple of visuals inside the shutter book -- both from the Mohammed notebook pages linked above.

A timeline (presently blank) accordion-folded on the front of the review book. 

Page 3:   Charles Martel (see printable at the top of the post).

Overview of page:

Left:   Charles Martel narration (with some pictures)

It is a modified flap book... you can see it has a flap that goes up and one that goes sideways.
My son's narration.

Right:  Another Quilt fold (I hadn't tried those before so was experimenting).
I used origami paper from my "stash" (luckily I have lots of decorative paper scraps around the house).  

Inside was a simple flap with my son's narration about the "Do-Nothing" kings. 
Flap open:

The flap inside the quilt, closed now.

 On this page is also a timeline and a map, but they were simple enough so I am not going to describe them in detail. 

My vacation time is almost over, so I will probably not be inflicting these on you daily for very much longer.   However, it has been very fun to do them and write about them.     I think this form of notebooking will be a permanent addition to our homeschool because:

1) it is a creative outlet for me (I don't quilt or knit or scrapbook or anything like that, at least not right now).

2) it inspires Aidan to be creative with his own paper stash.

3) It seems like a natural way to review and consolidate things that we are studying in the homeschool -- working on these is a sort of informal "lesson plan" for me since it allows me to focus on what I want the children to learn, or remember that they have learned.

4) it allows me to take material from lots of sources without getting confused.  Priceless, as they say.

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