Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Follow These Links!

I have been bumping into so many good words on websites lately.....here is a handful of what I have found in the last two weeks......

Health & Fitness

I hope to find time to see if this workout will work for me:  Dirty Thirty Workout.....from a trainer....how-to videos included.  I really need to add soomething more to my mostly-daily walking.


100 Ways to Be Kind to Your Child has simple and excellent reminders of being tuned in to your children.  I like this reminder......especially when I am feeling so overwhelmed with working so much.  The author was thoughtful enough to create a PDF so we can keep the reminders more constant. I appreciate that!

SarahMae helps to bring us back to the basics in our mothering with Maybe Your Two-year Old Just Needs You. If you are a "tired-worn out mama", these words are for you....no matter the age of your babies. I know I need to keep her words in mind when caring for my sweet 11yo.....who is my baby.


Institute For Excellence in Writing has apps for the iPhone, iPad, Android and Kindle Fire How cool is that!!! Click here!

18 Reasons Why Doctors and Lawyers Homeschool Their Children  If you missed this article when it was going around on FB.....here is your chance to read it.  Written by an MD, it is an excellent synopsis of all the things we homeschool moms now know after all of our years of homeschooling.......and it is nice to run down the list with a young mom. Reading it will validate you again, for homeschooling.  Reading it may remind you why you want to keep going. Reading it may help you to improve and seek out opportunites for the many blessings that homeschooling is or can be.  Enjoy!


 Our dear old friend Cay quotes Elizabeth Leseur at Cajun Cottage.

I have been barely following The Lenten Reading on the blog Like Mother, Like Daughter, authored by a Catholic mother and her grown daughters,  where they are reading and discussing the Papal Encylical Casti Connibii.  She has written at least seven posts about it and all have been enjoyable to read and quite insightful.  At the end of this post you can find links to all of the posts so you can read them in order......which I eventually hope to get to do myself.

And lastly, but not least:  Marge Fenelon, Catholic author and speaker, has just released a new book.........and is also about to launch a new newsletter,  SIMPLY HOLY:  Living, Working, and Being in the Presence of God ..........and is set to have the first issue released next week.  You can go to her blog and scroll down a bit.......you can subscribe on the left-hand side of the webpage. I am really looking forward to it.  It sounds as if it will fit in nicely with our current book study, Counsels of Perfection for Christian Mothers.

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  1. So helpful!
    Thanks Chari! Have a good evening:)


    1. Thanks, Chris, for stopping by! I will have a good evening, now that it IS evening ;)



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