Monday, April 1, 2013

Take Up and Listen: Youthful Rapture

I heard this little musical gem while I was driving home from work last week.  I loved it!

I cannot seem to get Youtube to let me embed this I will leave you with the link instead. 

Short, and nice background music for checking your Facebook or reading our blog...or any blog!

The piece is YOUTHFUL RAPTURE (click here to listen) and the cellist is Julian Lloyd Webber.....yes, brother to the famous composer Andrew Lloyd Webber.........composer or CATS and PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, among other awesome musicals.

I have never heard a Julian Lloyd Webber performance that was not perfectly wonderful.

The composer of YOUTHFUL RAPTURE was PERCY GRAINGER, an Austrailan.  I love that he was only 19 years old when he composed this piece.  And, I love the title of it. 

Let me know if you enjoyed!

Easter Blessings!


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