Tuesday, May 7, 2013

TUAR Photo of the Day for May

This May is busy for both Chari and me.  Chari is always busy in May, and particularly so this year with a highschool graduation, a wedding (my daughter's wedding -- her daughters are bridesmaids), college and foreign-exchange applications with all the details required, and her nursing job.

I am quite occupied with my daughter's graduation, her wedding a week later, various college and career type things with my kids, and various travels this summer.  Plus, I am trying to overhaul our house.   I have already made quite a lot of progress, but there is plenty left to do to keep me busy.

Considering this, and that I rarely seem to settle down and write a "thinking it through" type post anymore (I miss this!  but engaging the practical part of my brain seems to disengage the more philosophical part)  I was thinking that we might go to a "picture a day" type format.    Then writing is simpler because one just has to explain the picture.     Spring and summer seem like good seasons to bring out the old camera -- or probably, realistically, sometimes the IPhone cam, since that is so much easier.

I haven't talked to Chari about this yet!  We were going to chat yesterday while she took her walk, but then it started pouring rain in both of our areas.  We live many miles apart but often share the same weather systems.

So, no outdoor walk for Chari, and we didn't have our chat.  But I bet she will like the idea of photos.  

This first photo is a random one, and you can tell by the quality that the IPhone met its digital limits in coping with a slightly dim corner.   My husband Kevin snapped a shot of Aidan at his new work station. 

 I bought a new desk for my high schooler, and Aidan requested the old desk and directed where it was set up.  

This little desk has been around every since Kevin had his first PC, the Apple 2+.   Anyone remember those?   When memory was calculated in terms of kilobytes rather than giga and tera?   

The chair is even older.  It was part of a bedroom set that Kevin's uncles had as young boys, so, back in the 30's, since they all fought in WWII (and the youngest didn't make it back home).    Almost a century old and still solid as a rock, though the leather upholstery is wearing away. 

The laptop is Clare's old one which she bestowed upon Aidan when she got a new one.     It's maddeningly slow but Aidan loves having a computer of his Very Own. 

The abacus is Doug and Melissa.  Something about the abacus and laptop together sum up Aidan in a nutshell.  He divides his day between electronic and very concrete physical activities.     In this picture he is engaged in one of his favorite activities -- copying and pasting Mario Kart pictures into a Word Document, preparatory to printing them out and making art with them.   He copies my scrapbooking and card-making activities.


  1. Graduation and then Wedding!!! Oh my, such a massive time coming up!!! foreign exchange applications?? Is she then moving overseas?

    1. Hi Erin,

      It's a one-year exchange. Two of Chari's kids have already done this in their senior year of high school. Maybe she will blog about it some time. Too bad they don't have exchange options to Australia : ). That is on top of my list of places I would love to visit.

      Yes, exciting times!

  2. Wow, Willa, sounds like you have a lot of great stuff going on! The first thing I thought when I saw the picture was: such nice posture! He's really sitting up straight. My kids take after me and we all slump horribly. . . .

    1. I never noticed that before! He does sit up straight. Most of us are more like your family -- we slump a lot. I wonder if it could be something to do with his hypertonia? Anyway, it probably is a good aspect of it.


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