Monday, June 24, 2013

Thankfulness Times Ten

Thankfulness Times Ten

Here are the guidelines I have for this thankfulness theme……

Just find ten things I am thankful for, in the moment. I have no rules...I may go over ten, if I cannot help myself......I may repeat myself.....and, I will write in no particular order of importance. If you feel inspired to do the link yourself here in the comment section.  All of these will go toward my own 1,000 Gifts.

I am thankful for.......

 11. ....the recent & healthy delivery of sweet little Maya Grace.  Her parents were the only ones in my last childbirth class so we had great one-on-one.....I mean, one-on-two.......time.  Mom is a practicing and rosary-praying Catholic.  We hit it off so well that we are now friends and I have been invited to Maya's first birthday party. I just love this couple.  And their sweet lass is gorgeous and I am so glad that I got to be a part of their wonderful birth story.

12. .....the nice camera that I have right now.

13.......for the promise of an SLR in the next year or two.  I was overwhelmed when I began my research for a camera earlier this year.....if anyone has any advice, I would gladly receive it.

14........the gift  of my ability to catch some pretty special photos.

15........the smell of good coffee........even if I do not drink it. excellent conversation with my littlest sister Jennifer in planning our July 2013 visit to Oahu.

Taken in Summer of 2011
while riding a catamaran out into the ocean,
looking back on Honolulu
(expecting to repeat this cool experience in Summer 2013!)

17.......the beautiful places on Oahu and the fun things to see and do while there. iPhone.  I have a post somewhere describing how happy this little gadget makes me.  (I still have to finish it.) A surprise since I had resisted it for so long.  It really does help me to get to read more books.....what isn't there to like about it then? ;)  Life really is all about the reading, right? ;)

19........the daily cup of tea.  I wonder if that will keep showing up?  I will probably be drinking my morning tea every time I write these thankfulness posts.

20........arnica.  The most used homeopathic in my house.  For bumps and bruises, muscle aches and pains, pre- and post-surgery, shock.....and concussions.

I think I might have time to add ten more today........I have been thinking in themes.....but I will save that for another time. ability to be very good a planning travel for me and mine.  See Our Star-Spangled Adventure , our 2007 cross-country trip, for online details.  I am exceptionally good.  Really.

22........that I actually did finally start a blog in 2007........because I love finding the memories of our days and years.  I am always surprised that I wrote certain things down.  Such a gift to find the details.  For instance, I came across this memory a few days ago.......while I remember much of that week, including the pain.....I had forgotten some of the minor details. Very sweet to relive that rough week. leather couches!  Our blue couches were horrid.  Comfortable, but they fell apart five minutes after we bought them.  And continued down that path for the next ten years.

Out with the old....... with the new!

24.........sprouted wheat bread.  We started eating this type of bread over two decades ago. I hear it is the best for you: calorie-wise, CHO-wise, fat-content-wise and protein-wise.  Our favorite brand: Alvarado Street Bakery. Stole this picture from their Facebook page.....hope they won't mind.  I am offering free advertising after all.  :)  My two favorite flavors are on the top: spouted wheat bread in the green and the onion and poppy bagel in the red. Mmmmm.   They are very earthy so if you hate that flavor, these will not be pleasing to you.

Photo: Lots of Sprouted Wheat Breads & Bagels on our "irregular" shelf today! If you had plans to stop by the bakery (in Petaluma, CA), today would be a great day.

25........the Summit Co-op, run by my friend Pam.....the last existing Co-op around here.......through it, I am able to buy the above bread, my favorite teas, my homeopathics, toothpaste and hair products, spices and seasonings, favorite natural sodas (for summer), organic milk and yogurt.......and more.  A huge blessing. I used to buy lots more from there.........but the effect of the economy has caused me to buy less from there.  :(

26.......access to fresh fruits and veggies. oldest daughter, Anne, who, without being asked, has taken on all of the gardening this year........from greenhouse, to planting seeds, to watering, to weeding.  She is such a blessing.

28........visits from dad is here now with my youngest daughter's best friend since birth, Tallulah.

29..........the combination of long grain brown rice and wild rice in my pressure cooker.  I have finally got close to the flavor of pilaf in those fancy restaurants........but probably healthier and tastier! Nummmmmm. husband bringing a 4 (FOUR!) terabyte external harddrive to store all of my massive amounts of picture-taking.

 we have my second entry.  Only 970 to go.  If I can keep up a good pace, maybe I shall call this my "Summer of Gratitude."   God bless!

In Gratitude,


PS  Research shows that folks who use journaling to write what they are thankful for...instead of just a place to vent, find their lives are more happy, more satisfying.  Let's go there!

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  1. Finally started mine :) Love your new couches!


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