Saturday, June 22, 2013

One Thousand Gifts, Or Thankfulness Times Ten

     I was reading Mary's blog, Counting Gifts of Grace, the other day.........and I am inspired by her 1,000 Gifts posts.  You can read her first blog post about 1,000 Gifts here......


     I was thinking that I would like to try may be something that I might start and not finish........but, seriously:  when would I ever be finished counting gifts???  I have a Pollyanna complex as part of my eternal optimism and assuming best motives of people:  I relish finding the gifts in life.  It makes me giddy.  It drives other people crazy.  Especially the pessimists I know and love.  :)  

     I have done this thankful-theme before.  I think I called it Ten Thankful Things or something like that.......oh!  Thankfulness Times Ten

     Maybe I should just go back to that?  I could not do like Mary and write 100 at one time.  Plus, I am so may take me f-o-r-e-v-e-r to accomplish.  I think I will aim for ten each time, but keep track of the number to see how long I can get to 1,000.  Of course, I could get to 1,000 in a couple of days....if I only had to list the gifts verbally.  Writing in a blog will probably take a year....or years.  I think I will use my iPhone "notes" to keep track.  It is so easy to copy and paste from there to the blog.  And I bet NATURE will show up frequently on the list of gifts.

     I am a little jealous of Mary, too.........she still has little ones bringing her joy and gifts.  Like nursing a baby........I think I will also dig into my past to find gifts I am thankful for long before I started keeping count here.

     Pretty sure I cannot start at this exact moment........but get started I will.

     Here are the notes from my first Thankfulness Times Ten (from 2008!!!??), my inspiration then and my "rules":

"Recently, I read about research showing that folks who use journaling to write what they are thankful for...instead of just a place to vent, find their lives are more happy, more satisfying. It got me thinking......yeah, I know, scary thought.......well, it got me thinking, it might be kind of nice to just find ten things I am thankful for, in the moment. I have no rules...I may go over ten, if I cannot help myself......I may repeat myself.....and, I will write in no particular order of importance. If you feel inspired to do the link yourself here in the comment section"

Does anyone care to join me?  And Mary?  She is at 3,700 Gifts. If you do decide to join us, make up a set of rules for yourself and get going.  Leave a comment below letting us know you are counting, too!

     Willa?  This is a challenge for you.  You do it with me!  Then we will have a "happy, more satisfying life."

With Gratitude,


P.S. Pictures are a quick run to the beach in Ventura with three of mine: Maddelyn, 18, Anne, 24, & Malachy, 11.....before the girls needed to be at the rehearsal dinner for Willa's daughter's wedding.  Malachy and I actually drove back to the beach later with Matthew.


  1. Thank you for reading my blog! I love your Thankfulness times Ten notes. Great way to keep us focused on the positives.

    1. Hello, Mary! Thanks for leaving a comment! And thanks for reminding me that I wanted to journal my gratefulness. Please pray I can stay focused :) and post!

      Focusing on the positives is one of my gifts! ;)

      God bless!!!

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  2. Just having read Ann Voskamp's book, I've been thinking about doing the same... I may even involve my gratitude-challenged teenagers ;) Looks like I'l have to dust off my blog O.o

    1. Let's Go, Gloria!!!

      Keep me updated!


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