Friday, June 21, 2013

"Tribute to the Trees"


     I have been trying for years to find a way to attend the Tribute to the Trees.  My kids were too little, it was too much expense for the whole family, I felt bad leaving the kids behind, I had company, I had to work.....always thwarted somehow!  Living in the mountains, there is so much less opportunity to hear city-quality chamber music. And I love chamber music! I am so grateful that there are so many folks in my area who work hard to bring it up here to our area.  Very grateful.  (See Music By The Mountain) A couple of years dawned on me:  I bet they need volunteers to make it work.  That could get me in the doors.  When my kids became involved with Dunsmuir Rotary Club as exchange students, I found out that the club volunteers to help with food serving.  They agreed to allow me to help last year, but with it being Willa's last day visiting me, it felt wrong to go down there at the time.......we went to see Brave at the movie theater instead.

     This year, they had said we could help.........but it had never been set up for us to join with them.  I made a mental note to try to contact someone on Tuesday of this week.......when I came home to an email from the lady in charge begging for some help from our family......she had heard we were interested.  I had reserved the day off at work over two months ago.........but, two weeks ago, the co-worker scheduled that day had an urgent family situation and three of us agreed to cover the I worked six point five hours in the morning, caring for a wonderful patient in early labor, came home and took the dogs on a quickie walk that led me to see sandhill cranes in the meadow, finally!.......and then we dressed in black and white for "Puttin' on the Ritz" at the Tribute to the Trees......and drove the twenty minutes to Dunsmuir's lovely Botanical Gardens. This is one of the places my kids like to use as a picnic destination.  Very lovely gardens, year-round.

     Dunsmuir Rotary Club is extremely active in their community.  They are funny and amazing people.  They have been so kind and generous to our family.  We are looking for ways to give back to them when we can. For this fundraiser for the Dunsmuir Botanical Gardens, the kids served the gourmet dinner and cleared tables while I helped to load the trays of the servers. It was great fun to be working with the Dunsmuir Rotary people......the nicest people!  I think I already said that.  :)  And they love my kids.  My kids really enjoy them.  Sooooo......a photo journal below....the best I can do with an iPhone camera.

     One more memory: When I was sitting at a table watching and listening to the orchestra, one of the women at my table nudged me: Is that you daughter dancing over there?  Sure enough, my wee Maddelyn, newly eighteen and recently graduated from high school, was dancing with a man who looked to be in his late sixties. It was rather amusing.  I had felt bad for her, like maybe she got trapped into dancing.  I found out later that she had seen the man asking many women to dance with him and he had been turned down every time.  She said yes when he asked her!  They danced two dances on the grass.  Some of the Rotarian ladies says this man dances every year.......and one of them says she used to dance with him, but her knees cannot do it any more.  It was very sweet.  He really seemed to enjoy dancing with her.  I am glad that she stepped forward.  He must have enjoyed having a young person who could follow so well........she is a good little ballroom dancer.

See the poster above for the details for Tribute to the Trees.....

.......The theme was "Puttin' on the Ritz" along with a Penguin sub- theme.......including a musical piece called "The Penguin" by Raymond Scott.  It sounded like a penguin march!

The musicians are definitely playing to the trees!
 The orchestra has international is made up of high school age kids and younger.  Of course, they were overuse a word.
They spelled my name right!
That is HUGE.  ;)
Listening to the orchestra after the work is finished.
My four young adults.

The trees are really tall.

The clouds were incredible to watch. 
 They seemed to dance to the music.....and there were several layers, with the lower layer moving toward the north, a middle layer toward the south and a top layer seeming to stay in place.

And........a couple of family photos taken after the event......
Just me and my girls......

Just me and my eldest son.....

Just my oldest two........she is older, not him. 
He is just tallest.

Please pray for Willa. 
She is in Alaska finalizing some stuff after her mom's passing last year. 
Happy First Day of Summer! favorite season! 
What is yours?
Summer Blessings,



  1. What a clever way to get it in. and Rotary does open many opportunities for your young adults. thanks for sharing their pic, they are so good looking and grown up!

  2. Thanks, Erin!! This Rotary Club has sponsored three (third one is this summer) of my kids in their Youth Exchange program. They are so grown up. It kind of freaks me out that the four are over 18 and only two are not. How in the world did that happen to me???

    God bless you and yours! Hugs on your latest news!


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