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Monthly Musings: November 2013, Plus

I started this Monthly Musings idea last year in August.  Off and on, I kept it up, but never got a chance to post it.  I like to keep all of my writing....because in the end, it is just a form of personal journaling, and I don't like to waste the words that I write.  For me.  I did remember to use my iPhone to keep my thoughts in my Notes app in this last November.  And I found a few leftovers from earlier in the year as well.  So, here I am, just rambling.

Here is what I wrote, to introduce my Musing idea back in August of 2012.....

  "I am so excited. I finally figured out a good way to keep track of my random blogging thoughts and how to post them.

      I am using the " notes" section of my iPhone to jot them down and then I will post them on TUAR at the end of the month......or, like this......the beginning of the next month......or, whenever......
      Or, maybe whenever they are long enough. Either way, it is nice to have a plan. :). And, since my phone is always with me..... I can take advantage of the spontaneity of my thoughts. For my own edification, of course.  ;)

     It will be like journaling and writing one of those lengthy letters to a friend, combined in one place. I hope this idea works. So far, it does........and I have already started on the next month's Musings...."

Thanks for reading along with me!


March 2013

When I ran home to pick up Maddelyn, almost 18 years, to take her to piano, she got into the car and immediately said:  Mama, would you like to pray the rosary with me while we drive?  Sweet blessing.  Love that girl.

April 2013

I love that I can take my breaks at work out in nature. Birds chirping. Gorgeous views. Trees, flowers, natural grasses, streams. Blessed.

Pretty cattails! an upper pond

There are even a couple of ponds. One of the ponds does reflections well and with a little bridge-like spot can often resemble a Monet-style painting.

This is the view from the front of the hospital.......the Mozart pond


I have taken to a habit of bringing my spiritual reading to work and spending my breaks reading our book study. It has been so good for my days. I really feel more refreshed after each break now: nature and spiritual uplift. Excellent combo.


I have been telling all of my patients that April is the best month to have a birthday. Diamonds, sweet peas. What more do we need?


August 2013

I have been watching surf movies. Especially documentaries.

Because I miss the ocean in Hawaii. And I want to keep seeing waves.

I am watching the waves. Not the surfers. :) really.

Took this in July of 2013, on North Shore of Oahu

And some of the movies.....are too stupid to even just watch the waves.


November 2013

I adore the fact that all combinations of my children read aloud to each other.

Various groupings of two sisters.....sisters and brothers......brothers and brothers.

There is currently a second reading aloud of Dracula this fall. My middle son is reading aloud to his eldest sister.

Last fall, the youngest and oldest girls read Dracula together.

When they were little, the oldest girl read Nancy Drew aloud to her little brother who could not yet read.

There have been various Little Women readings, between the girls.......and so it goes.

I love how they love literature and each other.  So endearing.


Recently heard at my house from my 12 year old son......

"Mama, where is Tom Sawyer?

It's time for our annual listen to Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn."


My little guy is diligently and carefully picking out Christmas gifts for his siblings. He just earned some bucks raking his little heart out for a friend of mine.......and as soon as he gets home, he starts setting aside the funds for each gift.

He brought $25 in to me, and said:  Here. Save this so I won't spend it.  That is how much Anne's present is. 


Well, when Erin thought she had a lot of posts in her drafts, I never got a chance to tell her:  Yeah. We have 207. Yeah. That much. Really. To be fair to Willa, most are mine. I start stuff so I won't forget......and then new stuff comes into my mind.  And even more that she gets more blog posts written than I do. (Okay....there are really 217 now.....since I wrote the 207) I do believe that for every draft I complete, I may actually make up to three more.

In November, I knocked eight off. I deleted most of them because they were not really drafts. But, it did bring our number of drafts to 199. :)

Also, I am going to try to whittle the number down a bit more. So, if you see suddenly random posts or posts that seem to be outdated, this may be the reason.

Even this post has outdated Monthly Musings.   :)


Hey! It turns out my writing style is not conversational. The proper term is narrative. Not sure why it took me this long to figure that out. Actually, I didn't. I read a note of Willa's describing my style. Duh. I should have realized. Yeah, I am a storyteller.

Well, on reflection.....maybe I already knew that.....but never applied it to my own style of writing.


Thanksgiving weekend, my five year old godson says:

"I was dead."

I replied:  "Well, I am glad you came back to life to come over to my house."

He says:  "I wasn't dead, like by a sword (pretending to stab himself in the abdomen with a sword). I was just dead."

I just adore five year olds.


Advent Blessings,


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  1. Love that your children read aloud to each other!! Yep I think you win the prize of the most drafts!!


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