Monday, December 23, 2013

Those Blessed Christmas Cinnamon Rolls

At Our Hearts' Haven, it is the annual cinnamon roll day!!!

It all got started when I decided that I wanted to give Christmas gifts to my two closest friends in town........who needed for nothing. Desired nothing. Did not like stuff.
Tired of the yearly: How clever can I be this time?.......I thought to myself: 
What can I give them that would not add "stuff" to their homes and lives?
What would be a great gift and yet consumable? 
What talent do I possess, that I have time for?
Cinnamon rolls. 
Yeah. Perfect idea.
I make very yummy cinnamon rolls.
So, for about the last ten years, I have made cinnamon rolls just before Christmas.
And on Christmas Eve, the children and I have delivered them........ time for my friends' Christmas breakfast.
I still deliver to the same two friends.......and every year, the rest of the list changes up.

I think my favorite compliment came from Abraham,
about four or five years ago.......aged 9 maybe:
My family was out of town until we got home late on December 23rd.  Abraham mentioned to his mom that he was looking forward to my annual cinnamon rolls for his Christmas breakfast.  She told him that we were out of town and probably too busy to make the rolls and to not expect any that year.  Well, I awakened early on the 24th, made hundreds of cinnamon rolls, was just about to start the process of frosting the rolls, when the power went out, about 5pm.  I had to finish frosting and packing up the cinnamon rolls by flashlight.  The kids and I took a drive through town, dropping off our was so surreal to drive through the mild snow, with not a light in sight.  I left the rolls on Abraham's dining table because they were not at home when we arrived. When they came home later, from their Christmas Eve service, they found the rolls waiting for them.  His mother was very surprised that I had been able to do this in the midst of our crazy week.  Abraham was not.  He gave his mom that "I told you she would come through" comment. And now, every year, I always think about how I am not going to let Abraham down.  He is the annual motivation. 
Not sure he even knows this......
This year, my 16 year old son insisted that I not make the rolls without him. He is also a great motivator.  Last year, he told me, "Christmas is not Christmas without your cinnamon rolls, Mama."

If I could, I would make cinnamon rolls for all of you.  If you come to visit.....maybe I will.....

Christmas Blessings to you and yours, from Our Hearts' Haven,



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    1. Aw, thanks, Kathryn! me, too! I am not sure I will even frost mine this year........they are delicious without. :)


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