Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Thankfulness Times Ten: Christmas Eve 2013 Edition

 Today's Thankfulness theme is what is going on in my life this day.....

Thankfulness Times Ten

Here are the guidelines I have for this thankfulness theme……

Just find ten things I am thankful for, in the moment. I have no rules...I may go over ten, if I cannot help myself......I may repeat myself.....and, I will write in no particular order of importance. If you feel inspired to do the same....do link yourself here in the comment section.  All of these will go toward my own 1,000 Gifts.

As I go through my days, I keep thinking of my gratitude in themes......like, ten items of gratefulness for each member of my family, when I look out my window, while I am on my exercise walk.......etc., etc., etc. 

I am thankful for......

51. .....the heavy whipping cream for my tea.  I only allow myself to have it in my house from Thanksgiving through New Year's Day.....or......if I am visiting someone and they have it.  This keeps me from taking in all those unnecessary fat calories that I do not need.  I have to get my fat from the good stuff......this is definitely not the good stuff.  Though it tastes so good. My! can it transform a cup of tea!

 52.......the cinnamon roll recipe that I inherited from my brother-in-law's wife about 24 years ago.  It is now my own version......and I will just say this year's batch is especially delish!  I always made them and filled the freezer before each baby was due so that we could quickly celebrate.  Always for Christmas breakfast and for Christmas gifts......and many times for Easter breakfast.  Can I just say: NUM?  Please come by to share with me!

53......... my Internet friends, Rachel and Theresa, introducing me to Doctor Who.  I always felt like I was missing out on a fourth of their Facebook conversation.  They sent me in the right direction.....and I have been hooked ever since.  Today, while I work, I will see the last episode of Season Six.  Now where can I go from here?

54........my iPhone.  Easy to take that Doctor Who around with me while I work.....and easy to bring Christmas music into my day.

55.......the college kid who drove himself all the up our very long state and safely arrived yesterday.  Love his sense of humor and his conversation.

56.......the oldest daughter who is driving home from San Francisco as I write this.......after a visit to her other sister.

57........sunshine in December, and a green Christmas.  Yes, we desperately need the snow.  But I am definitely not going to complain about this mild weather. Nope.  Not me.

58. ........the two girls sleeping on my couch.  The oldest daughters of my own best friend Gloria (the other one who is not Willa), they are best friends to my kids........Catherine is 14 years, Clariemarie, 12.  Last night, with my 12 year old Malachy, they had a jolly time cooking up goodies in the kitchen....without any adult supervision.  We have arrived.  And they were making meringue cookies, of all things. These kids have never known life without each other, they have been friends for so long.....closer than cousins.

59........my best friend Gloria and her family are here in Mount Shasta for two weeks.  Since they purchased a second home here last September, we have had many more visits. Looking forward to lots of quality time together this Christmas season.

60........my husband who cooks up the Christmas Eve dinner every year.  It seems to have become our tradition.  I appreciate how it frees me to stay focused on getting the rest of Christmas together so we can keep on making our family memories.

60.5.......that handful of readers we have for our blog.  You are wonderful to interact with......we enjoy your company very much!  Thank you for sharing with us.

And..........now we have my fifth entry.  Only 900 to go.  1/10 completed!

God bless all of you on this Christmas Eve 2013!

                 In Christmas Gratitude,


P.S.  Research shows that folks who use journaling to write what they are thankful for...instead of just a place to vent, find their lives are more happy, more satisfying.  Let's go there!


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