Friday, January 10, 2014

Week in Review: A Week Without a Car


The older boys left for Oregon -- Liam to get back to work, and Brendan to start a new term at college.  Kevin drove them up since his workplace is up there (he telecommutes from home most of the time).     So we are carless until tonight which made the week quiet and different.

All week the weather has been like this.... drought conditions, but pleasantly cool and livable outside.   I feel sorry for the dry trees though, and the farmers in the valley.


Two cords of firewood arrived.   We started stacking it.


We finished stacking the firewood.  It's way easier when your help is 11 up to 20 years old than all 11 and down.


Nice to have an active fireplace again (we were totally out of wood by the time the truck came)

This is where I sit in the morning until everyone else gets up...  my devotions, daily planning and then journaling or writing.  Social media if there is time.  

Paddy finished reading Famous Men of the Middle Ages.  


We walked to the post office.   That was good.   A box of books was waiting for us.  That was not so good because the box was heavy and the walk is about 1.5 miles through fairly rough up and down trails.

We broke open the box and redistributed the books among the three of us.  Good again because the Sierra National Forest was the setting for a troop of two boys and their mom carrying these:

They are the Journey through Bookland series from 1909.    Sort of a Christmas present to myself -- they were less than the price of a video game for the whole lot, and they are very pretty.

The boys didn't complain much (good again) and in fact we discussed fairy tales all the way home.


Paddy finished reading Sassafras Science:  Zoology 1.  He must have liked it since he asked me to buy the next one.

This week, we dabbled in a return to homeschooling routine, but mostly the week was just stacking logs, talking, walking, and working on returning the house to tidier state.  

We still have a way to go.  But now we will be able to step up to a more normal homeschooling momentum next week -- at least, that is the plan.

~looking slightly less cluttered around here~


  1. Sounds like a nice week! Slow and calm.

  2. Fun to read about your week! Glad it was not a snowy January!


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