Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Blogging for Lent

chirp...chirp.. chirp...

No, neither Chari nor I have given up blogging for Lent, but we both got swamped by ordinary life at the same time.  Chari has been working full time plus following the busy athletic schedule of two boys and helping a teen with multiple college apps, and my household has been either on the road or down with sickness, or both at the same time.    I am way behind on everything I need to do but I don't want to give up my blogging habit, either.   It is definitely one of my priorities, even if it comes behind keeping up with the laundry and meals and making sure my boys acquire rudimentary literacy and work habits. 

So I thought of a strategy to keep blogging even while time is short and also to mark out Lent as distinct from Ordinary Time.     I'm going to set the timer for 15 minutes a day and just blog whatever I come up with during that time limit.      You are welcome, as always, to join me!  Especially you, Chari! 

I have another idea, but I don't know how it will work with my 15-minute strategy.  For Lent, I always try to put a moratorium on extra buying and instead, try to use up what we already have in our pantry and on our shelves, etc.    Also, my husband just changed the ceiling light in our walk-in closet, which I use as my book storage closet.   In light of that (literally)  I thought maybe I would do some sort of personal version of

Howard's End is On the Landing

where I just browse through my bookshelves and blog for a few minutes about whatever book I unearth, preferably if it is one that has been off my radar for a while.

I've done something like that before on my old blog and called it:


I was thinking of calling this series, in tribute to Susan Hill's title

*Poetic Knowledge is in the Closet*

which is absolutely true, but I thought my teenage boys might get too much hilarity out of it.    And I do try to avoid unintentional hilarity. 

OK, time's up!  I am still catching up with my Desiring the Kingdom reading, so I haven't anything to post for this week yet, but go to Mystie's Week 10 Linkup for discussion.

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