Monday, June 23, 2014

Of Household Task LIsts and Comb Bound Books

Since what is mostly on my mind this summer is updating my organization in preparation for the next school year, that is what I think I will write about in the next few posts.

First Topic:  Household Management System

The core of the effort is from two sources (because one is never enough, right?):  Motivated Moms and Flylady.    Here's another one that looks attractive -- and FREE! -- but I haven't road-tested it yet.

Motivated Moms costs about 8 dollars for a daily or weekly housecleaning schedule which takes you through a calendar year.   I buy a new version every four or five years.     This year, I bought the week-on- a -page version.   Last time, I tried the daily planner version, but it was too much to print out, and I did not use the appointment calendar (I keep my appointment calendar on Google Calendar because it is so easy to modify).

Flylady is free, though you can buy a book and various other accessories.   One big problem for me is that the basic system is online and I don't do well with paperless management systems, but I just found out that Flylady has integrated her lists with the Cozi Calendar, and Cozi lists are printable.  

Here's a picture of the household books.  I used scrapbooking paper and clear acrylic for the front covers.   I like the way they turned out.  I am trying to get used to keeping things in comb-bound books because they are so easy to customize and for me, easier to access than 3-hole punch binders.    I would really like a Pro-Click -- and this is why-- but I can't justify it yet when my decade-old comb-binder is still working just fine.

Motivated Moms -- Week on a Page

Just having Flylady and Motivated Moms lists in a comb-bound homemade booklet is not enough.  I have to write them out on a task list, preferably one I can carry around in my pocket.    So I have set aside a few minutes on the weekend to do this.   I made a simple planner something like the teacher's planners you can buy and I plan out the household tasks right after I plan out the kids' lessons for the week.

My household planner 

I have some other plans for household organization, but I wanted to get the cleaning schedule set first.    Until next time!

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