Saturday, June 2, 2012

Our Littles

Last September, Willa and I took the boys to see a friend and then a field trip to visit this famous bridge.....well, it is famous locally and among bridge architects.  :)

We just had our three youngest boys.....

Aidan is the tallest, at 12.5 years, Malachy is the second tallest and almost ten years old, and the smallest is Patrick, or Paddy, at almost 9 years old.

Malachy is mine, and the other two are Willa's.  I have a feeling the next few years many of our pictures together will be just of these three boys, what with the other kids growing up and moving on in life........

I had intended to add these pictures to Aidan's birthday post.........but when I realized that I had forgotten, I also realized that there was no way these pictures could fit on that crowded page!

Blessings from the Ryans and the Bryans

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