Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Mountain in June

Only days later.....and I have the June photos ready!
  I am so proud of myself.  :)

These photos are mostly views of
The Mountain

various cloud photos.

This summer, the clouds have been fascinating.

I am linking this post up with Elisa's
...on time, for once!

Only a handful of photos will have notes....

Still quite a bit of snow on The Mountain in early June.....

And less in later June......

I often take the same picture both in landscape
and in portrait settings to see which one I like best. 
And, I almost always choose to keep both because
 I find that both have their reasons for being kept.  :)

the sun is rising over The Mountain

I just put the above photo on my Facebook Timeline....
the one I was just forced to have on the first of August.  drat.

It was so hard to take this photo to share how amazing it was....but here it is.....

This sun setting is my backyard view.
How blessed am I???
To see the Hand of God almost

These clouds were so amazing......
......but the photo just does not show that.......

taken on a nature walk with Willa......

My backyard view....taken from about two miles south of my backyard....

When Willa and I went out to my backyard just after dusk,
we found one of these spiders in every section of fence around my garden.....

The view of The Mountain where I hang my clothes on the line......

The view of The Mountain taken

This one, too......

And yet another....

And then there was another walk with Willa......

This one was taken in Weed......and shows the pool where
Malachy is currently taking his first swim lessons, ever......

I am trying to figure out where this next photo was snapped.....
...I think I know, but I have no recollection of having been there.....  :)

Several different types of clouds.....can you even see that?

Taken from the south view of my property.

How about joining the Garden Party

Blessings from The Mountain,

                                           Chari & Willa


  1. They're stunning photos, Chari - all of them! I particularly like number 6, though. The wide rays are wonderful!

    Have a great weekend, Chari.
    God bless:-)

    1. Thanks, Vicki!

      I was just thinking: what is fascinating about my pictures is that all of this beauty is God's handiwork. All of the credit is His. I just had timing. Because HE let me. How cool is that, to witness for Him through pictures?

      I liked number six enough to put it on my FB looks great there!

  2. How awesome to be able to hang your washing, swim and simply live right in the view of those mountains!!

    1. I agree!

      And the view in the other direction is my favorite......where the sun sets. See pictures 8 & 9.

      What are your views like, Erin? Do you live in the country? It looks like you do......from your photos.

  3. Chari,

    I love your mountain! My favourite photo is the 8th one. I can just imagine standing in your backyard, or walking along a trail, and looking and looking... I like the bright colours of your washing too!

    1. Me, too, Sue! I love that view in number 8, too. I think I try to see it almost daily.....especially at sunset.

      That is a bright load! I like the contrast of those colors with the views.


  4. Replies
    1. Yes, Faith! Thanks be to God, for sharing it with all of us. :)

      God bless!

  5. Chari (and Willa) thanks for stopping by my blog to say hello. You live in a beautiful corner of the world!!! The clouds are so full and lovely. the mountains are truly grand. Thanks for your prayers for my nephew Jack. God bless you both and your families.


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