Saturday, January 5, 2013

Epiphany Notebook Page

I wanted to make an Epiphany page, but an internet search didn't reveal too much.  

There is this Epiphany lapbook for free -- here at Sola Gratia Mom.  

There is also this  Twelve Days of Christmas and Epiphany Lapbook , but it is for sale.   I ended up getting this Happy Holidays Bundle   which includes the Christmas lapbook-- I have only purchased a few lapbook resources, because I prefer looking for freebies and there is a lot of high-quality free stuff online, but I've bought a few to see which publishers' styles I prefer.

The Epiphany page is simple, containing only two basic elements -- a large shutterfold and a simple squash book.

In this overview page, you can see how I store half-made folds -- I put them in page protectors (sometimes sealed with a paper clip to prevent the little pieces from falling out) by theme, so the page protector above is where I was storing pieces of the 2012 Catholic calendar I am trying to repurpose.

Shutterfolds are almost the easiest mini-book to make -- you make them just like you fold a file folder into a typical lapbook.    As with many lapbooks, I divided a picture in half to make the cover. 
The picture came from the lapbook I bought.
I put another Epiphany picture here that could work.
There is a sweet one in color at Sanctus Simplicitus.  

Close-Up of shutterfold:

Inside the shutterfold:

Left:  a fold that has the Greek word for Epiphany, and the definition inside (it came from the Epiphany lapbook I bought, linked above)

Middle:  A tabbed booklet about the Three Gifts
Bottom Middle -- a graphic I cut out of our church bulletin

Right:  one of those folds you make by folding lengthwise into three like a pamphlet.

Inside view of the pamphlet fold, which contains the text of We Three Kings (Paddy played that for his piano recital).    I used this printable.   It was easy to fold into three. 
Close-Up of Three Gifts tabbed booklet

Inside view of the "Three Gifts" booklet.  I can't find the picture I used on the cover but here are a few coloring pages, some of them nice.    This might be a good one, too.   Oh wait, I found it (scroll down). 

I used these coloring pages (shrunk down) for the gifts inside.
I put pieces of We Three Kings related to the gifts inside, too.  

Close-Up of Epiphany definition

This is an "unfolding book" that is covered with a decoration from a star decoration from my scrapbooking paper stash.  

IT folds out into a cloze worksheet where you fill in the blanks using the Bible.   I am having trouble finding the exact one, but The Catholic Toolbox has collected all kinds of good CCD type worksheets for Epiphany


Information on Epiphany.
More at EWTN

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  1. thank you for sharing I will be exploring your links later this evening.

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